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Troubles & Questions / Re: Navigation: re-use track
« on: January 08, 2012, 19:14:37 »
There were proposals made to improve re-use of tracks which would make it much more comfortable, please check:
Seems from time to time some other users are interested in offline-navigation feature as well...

Troubles & Questions / Re: Time to use vector add-on ?
« on: January 04, 2012, 20:09:33 »
Menion, I guess you will use mapsforge lib 3 in Locus once it is out and stable.
Will this new mapsforge lib be able to read the current vector maps?
I guess it cannot as they write about changes in the binary format.
This would render Locus user's current map collections useless if these changes are not backward compatible.
What is your understanding and your plans with this?

Discussion/New features / Re: TODO list
« on: January 04, 2012, 18:47:39 »
Maybe setup a Google Docs spreadsheet?

Hi Menion,
did you find time to test the short routeI sent you where I noticed the problem?

Quote from: "menion"
you go to card manager and it only shows nearest maps? you mean map manager accessible from top right button? Because there have to be visible all available maps
Of course there I get a list with all maps.
No, I mean the map manager which I can have in the right panel (I think it is the same thing which gets started outside a map in the top left corner).
Being again in this area of Locus I'd like to remember an earlier wish from myside to this map manager which is sometims also called quick map switch:

Hi Menion,
let's directly discuss an example:
Assume a certain map is on the display, e.g. vector map of Bavaria.
Now I use the search function for a location far beyond the current map, e.g. search for a location in Rome, Italy.
Result is map center moves to this new location. In this example the screen becomes empty.
If I go to the card manager, it only suggests the neighbour maps of Italy (I'm aware that this is the intended function).
What is the best way to get the matching maps displayed which in this example is the available vector map for Italy?

Quote from: "gynta"
Setzt jedoch voraus, ich weiß meine Höhe vor Ort.
Richtig, aber mit ein bißchen Vorbereitung vorab kann man die recht gut rauskriegen (klassische Karten, Höhenschilder an Passübergängen, Einstellung in Locus Karte->DynamischeHöhe, ....
Aber richtig ist natürlich auch, daß ein Barometer für sich alleine keine Höhenmessung sondern bestenfalls eine Höhendifferenzmessung machen kann.

Quote from: "gynta"
Wie genau kann so ein Wert eigentlich sein?
Da sich der Luftdruck auch durch Wetterverhältnise ändert, wäre eine Anzeige demnach auch nicht ganz genau.
Innerhalb weniger Stunden ändert sich der Luftdruck bei halbwegs stabilem Wetter kaum - und für so einen Zeitgraum ist er dann auch für die Bestimmung der Höhenveränderung geeignet. Am Startort stellt man üblicherweise die korrekte Höhe ein und von da an wird dann der Luftdruck als Maß für die Höhenveränderung benutzt.
Das alles ohne daß ich es selbst schon mal gemacht hätte.
Das GPS in Smartphones ist bzgl. Höhe über N.N. eher ein Schätzeisen (der Abstand zu den Satelliten ist ca. 20.000 km also sehr viel größer als die üblichen Höhen über N.N. !) und vor allem schwankt der Wert auch noch (aber ähnlich wie bzgl. Breiten-/Längengrad).

Hi Menion,
the described problem doesn't seem to be fixed in latest market version 1.15.1 as I still get interruptions and repetitions of the same text while driving through a roundabout.

Implemented / Re: Single click "immediate" route create mode
« on: December 18, 2011, 20:22:20 »
Quote from: "menion"
"Quick add" have always dark background. You may select it whenever you want. Are you able to check it? Just tap on light rectangle next to text "Quick add" till it have green line over it (like on screenshot). Then you'll be able to add points simple by tapping on screen ... so you need to have checked "Quick add" button ...
Thank you Menion! Due to low dimmed display I didn't recognize that there is a check box next to the text. Now I set the tick and quick add of points works. :lol:

Implemented / Re: Single click "immediate" route create mode
« on: December 17, 2011, 22:24:15 »
Quote from: "menion"
if is enabled, then just tap on map on any place! this should add point in place you tap. Is this working?

Ah you mean, you're not able to check this button? no matter where you tap, it's still disabled??
As long as I added 0 points to the route both Confirm and Clear have a light background. Quick add has a dark background.
If I added the first point (via the left + button) on the map center Clear gets a dark background. If I add a 2nd point Confirm, Clear and Quick add have a dark background.
Quick add always has the dark background but I can't add points by a simple tap on the map. Testwise disabling of "Allow address search" and "Simple multi-touch" doesn't help.

Implemented / Re: Single click "immediate" route create mode
« on: December 17, 2011, 21:49:06 »
Just tried to use this quick add, too. But I'm not able to enable quick add mode (it is enabled in the menu with confirm and cleanup but it doesn't react if I tab on it).
What am I doing wrong?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Navigation usability issue
« on: December 16, 2011, 19:28:26 »
Hi Menion,
does Locus already contain the discussed improvements?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Navigation usability issue
« on: December 12, 2011, 22:04:15 »
Quote from: "menion"
:) oki ... if I, or anyone other, not find any better solution for this complex task, I'll try create something till end of week ...
I'm eager to test it and report till the end of next week.

Quote from: "menion"
he :) ... did you tried this with last locus version (1.15.0)? I noticed also some voice issues so I added some better synchronization of voices. Should be fixed now ... I'm very glad for you report, because I have feeling that almost no one is using this feature. Every small reported issue is more then welcome!
No, I had only 1.14.5 available during the trip but I'll test next week again with newest version.

I don't understand why others don't use navigation without internet access, it's quite useful abroad (I prepared few routes for destinations from the hotel to the cardinal points on the island and vice versa. For other destinations I enabled navigation for the basic direction and disabled it when I reached a temporary POI (text e.g. "turn right onto yellow road") which I added to the map shortly prior to the current trip.
However my hope for a real offline navigation is on the mapsforge project.

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