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Dear LM users,

I have a question regarding "update elevation" feature and what/how it actually does. I am seeing (too) large increase in elevation after "update elevation" use on imported GPX tracks and on recorded ones.

I downloaded following GPX and followed it on bicycle:

When I import it elevation shows:

After "update elevation" it shows:

According to my Garmin watch, actual measured elevation is very close to 1030m, rather then 1666m...

What could be the issue for this? I also noticed this in cases where I record track with LocusMap and later use "update elevation". The change in elevation is significant.

Thank you
Hello Menion,

thank you for your reply. I understand. I will adjust the dashboard to be empty on the left side where navigation comes in...

Best regards
Dear LocusMap users,

I am trying to combine Dashboard and Navigation panels into a single view. I am using LocusMap 3.70.1 (full version).

I have setup a Dashboard showing various parameters. When used without navigation, it looks nice and clean. However when I use it with navigation, I have an issue with overlapping. See image below.

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Is there a way to configure LocusMap, so that these two features are somehow stacked above/below to each other? See image below.

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Thank you