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for future reference, I exported my recorded GPX, imported here

and exported the "matched" GPX, imported in Locus and everything is fine :)
Quote from: Menion on September 11, 2023, 13:34:39Hello,
the technique you describe is called "map matching" and this is something, Locus Map does not yet know. So no, sorry, this is currently not possible. You may do this manually by displaying of recorded track and planning a new one in the app Route planner, based on the recorded track.

I understand, thanks for the quick reply!
hello all
 I've been using Locus for a few weeks planning ahead my trips in the app, yesterday I recorded my path  instead of planning it ahead but, on the map, the recorded path  does not exactly "match" the known route, probably due to GPS positions not being always perfect.
Is there a way to "make it fit" on the route, for future reference?
thanks in advance