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There seems to be some problem with the compass screen used in combination with track recording in the latest version (2.10.2).

I use Locus as my primary geocaching app and often turn track recording on while geocaching to be able to contribute paths etc. to openstreetmap.

With the current version the GPS-position "freezes" at the point were I turn on the compass to guide me when I'm approaching a geocache. Even that I'm moving closer to the cache, the compass shows "xxx meters left" where xxx is the distance left when I turned on the compass. The track recording also freezes at the same GPS-position. The compass also seems a lot more unstable than in the previous versions, even with filtering turned on.

When I was caching yesterday I had to stop using the compass and navigate to the cache only by the map.

I haven't been an active geocacher during the winter so I'm not sure exactly in which version the problem was introduced, but the first time I noticed that something wasn't working as usual was when I found a cache 2013-03-29. I usually update Locus immediately when there is a new release available at Google Play.
Troubles & Questions / Double icons with POI Alert
January 16, 2012, 12:37:40
During the weekend I was using Locus when geocaching. I enabled POI alert when I was driving and noticed that each time a new POI was alerted it's icon was shown two times with different rotations. See the marked areas in the screenshot. I also had auto rotate map enabled. I can reproduce it by disabling the GPS in Locus and enable POI alert and auto rotate map and then move the map so that an alert triggers.

I'm using the pro version 1.16.1.