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This bug has been present for a while (maybe already in version 1.10.x) but I have only noticed it at low zoom levels <= 10, which I seldom use. The problem isn't that Locus is showing the red lines but that Locus draws the red lines between wrong coordinates. Maybe it is related to the POI-grouping algorithm as I have only noticed it when I enable POI-grouping.

As you can see in my first image Locus draw the red lines like it is 10km and more between a waypoint and the geocache it belongs to. This is almost never the case in real life. The red lines also seems to converge into different points.

I hope this can help you to solve this bug. Below are my example images.

Zoom level 10 with POI grouping enabled - Locus draws lines all over the place as if the waypoints is many km:s from their geocaches:

Exactly the same position on the map but with POI grouping turned off - the lines go back to normal:

At zoom level 11 all seems normal, both with or without POI grouping:
There seems to be some problem with the compass screen used in combination with track recording in the latest version (2.10.2).

I use Locus as my primary geocaching app and often turn track recording on while geocaching to be able to contribute paths etc. to openstreetmap.

With the current version the GPS-position "freezes" at the point were I turn on the compass to guide me when I'm approaching a geocache. Even that I'm moving closer to the cache, the compass shows "xxx meters left" where xxx is the distance left when I turned on the compass. The track recording also freezes at the same GPS-position. The compass also seems a lot more unstable than in the previous versions, even with filtering turned on.

When I was caching yesterday I had to stop using the compass and navigate to the cache only by the map.

I haven't been an active geocacher during the winter so I'm not sure exactly in which version the problem was introduced, but the first time I noticed that something wasn't working as usual was when I found a cache 2013-03-29. I usually update Locus immediately when there is a new release available at Google Play.
My phone is a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy Mini upgraded from android 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 by Samsungs own software (Kies).

I started to use this feature about a week before the latest release of Locus. I prepared a couple of kmz-maps in Google Earth and copied them to my phone and all of them worked. (There seems to be a bug how Locus handles the <hotSpot>-tag but I will do a proper bug report about that if I need it to be fixed. I decided to not use any icons and instead use separate gpx waypoints instead)

Today I tried again and I actually found a workaround that works on my phone.

If I select a kmz-map in "Map manager" it says "Importing..." and the selected map turns red:

If I now press the "Back" button Locus crashes in some way (I get thrown back to the launcher screen but the Locus process is still running).
If I instead tap the tools icon and then select "Center on map" the map works!

The resulting map:

Any news on this bug?

I have installed the testversion and I have attached a log file. I started the logging before I started Locus and stopped the logging after the crash.
I downloaded the kmz-map of Darwin from Locus Shop and Locus crashes when I try to use it.
Hi, overlay maps is broken for me too in the latest version. Maps that worked before the last update now crashes Locus. However kmz-files that only has paths (no ground overlays) still works.

I found this exception in the log file created by catlog:

06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114): parseGeoData(I2-skogen.kmz)
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114): java.lang.NullPointerException
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
06-17 17:42:51.319 E/FileImport(9114):    at
Quote from: "joeloc"my advice is to wait for menion to give us proper error messages when scanning the map folders :-).

none of my mapsforge vector maps shows up anymore since weeks and i still dont know why.

Have you defined a custom map directory? I have done that and my vector maps also disapperared from Locus, but I found a workaraound.  :)

If I copy one of the map files to the Locus default directory (on my phone it is /sdcard/Locus/mapsVector) then I can see all maps in my custom map directory plus the map that is in the default directory. If I remove the copied map from the default directory I can no longer see any maps at all.

It worked for me before but something broke in one of the recent upgrades, perhaps when Locus was upgraded from version 1.15.x to 1.16.x. I don't remember in which version the setting to define custom map directories was added.

Maybe it is a bug in the code that searches for maps during startup?
Any news on this bug? It still exist in the latest version from Android Market.
Troubles & Questions / Double icons with POI Alert
January 16, 2012, 12:37:40
During the weekend I was using Locus when geocaching. I enabled POI alert when I was driving and noticed that each time a new POI was alerted it's icon was shown two times with different rotations. See the marked areas in the screenshot. I also had auto rotate map enabled. I can reproduce it by disabling the GPS in Locus and enable POI alert and auto rotate map and then move the map so that an alert triggers.

I'm using the pro version 1.16.1.

Declined / Re: place dialog more compact
January 02, 2012, 14:55:48
[attachment=0:3os4bz1l]SC20120102-142827.png[/attachment:3os4bz1l]This is how it looks on my phone. It's not so much wasted space and not so much space for more buttons.
I would like to be able to specify where Locus should look for vector maps. The tip to manually add a map does not work for vector maps because when I press the '+' button Locus says that I should download the vector maps plugin. I use my own customized vector maps that I create with Mapsforge Mapfile-Writer plugin. I'm using Dropbox to sync the maps with my phone and I have to manually copy the maps from the Dropbox folder to the Locus mapsVector folder each time I update a map. It would be nice to be able to specify the folder where locus should search for vector maps so that I do not need to have two copies of my maps on the SD-card.
It works for me too! Thanks!
I'm having a similar issue. After an update during the last couple of weeks Locus has began crashing with a NullPointerException while recording a track. If I restart Locus and hit the stop recording button quickly I'm able to save the recorded track otherwise it's gone. I have managed to reproduce a crash with CatLog running and I will mail you the recorded log. To reproduce the crash I started Locus, started a track recording and then rotated the phone randomly around all 3 axis. After rotating a while Locus crashed with a NullPointerException. I'm using the latest pro version 1.13.2.