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I have a problem with navigation. Every time I create a track, when I start navigation it want's me to go in "reverse". Here what I'm doing: I create a track on the PC (I select couple of points on the way according to the direction I will ride). I save the track and import it into the app on android (vis add track from different source because I'm on the silver plan), I start the navigation but at the nearest point when my going back trajectory is crossing the direction of my riding the navigation wants me to follow th "going back" track. And so fro this moment on I don't see any pointers, just a track line - but the navi want's me to rejoin the track i.e go back in revers. I hope I described it correctly, but basically everytime I import a track, it want's to navigate me in reverse.
I checked, and of course the "reverse navigation" option is unchecked.
So I don't know how to make it navigate according to the direction off added points. Is there an option I should use to mark the direction when creating the track? I have no new ideas on haw to make it work "normally" and frankly it's getting a little bit frustrating so any help would be much appreciated! :) 
Thank you!