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Declined / Re: Moving tracking
« on: November 14, 2011, 00:07:36 »
What happens when you drive through a tunnel - there is no GPS so Locus stops navigation. With TTN the program assumes that speed is maintained along the path through the tunnel and is accurate at showing where you are when you exit.
Please can you include this when you program moving tracking.

Declined / Re: Navigation with pre-stored routes
« on: November 13, 2011, 23:54:33 »
Thank you for your explanation - this is very helpful. Is there a way to rename a track after it has been saved?

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 1.14.x
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:01:47 »
Quote from: "berkley"
Berkley you may wish to respond to this post on ... st19280903
Quote from: "rogier666;19280903"
Locus - addon Map Tweak

Update to v1.5.0 breaks Google Maps. Restoring the previous version fixes Google Maps. Better make a backup before you update.


Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 1.14.2
« on: November 09, 2011, 02:22:25 »
What's in this version:

1. ** 1.14.2 *** 2. fixed issue with Parking service and Field notes screen
3. ** 1.14.1 *** 4. (PRO) new improvements to Weather screen (redesign, favorite places, 3-hour forecast for 7 days!) 5. added OS Irish Grid 6. (PRO) ability to set navigation volume 7. improvements on Parking service (redesign, remember last state when app crash, better set of location) 8. ability to import GPX trk together with wpts (one trk and X wpts in one file) 9. and many other improvements and fixes
Thanks Menion - I can hear clearly now & the weather is nice here :-)

What's New What's in this version:
1. ** 1.14.0 ***
2. !!! DON'T UPDATE BEFORE READ (Wi-fi permission change to notify this)
3. introduced new Locus homepage -
4. (PRO) ability to interupt (and then continue) with vector maps downloading
5. reduced limit for online map download -
6. added support for SpoilerSync data (place them to locus/data/geocaching dir)
7. many other small fixes and improvements

Menion thank you for this :
What's New
What's in this version:
1. ** 1.13.5 ***
2. new Weather screen
3. support for Text-to-speech voice for navigation
4. added NzTopoMaps maps
5. added ability to download Turaterkep maps
6. simple backup manager
7. improved Map Quick Switch button
8. improved guiding along path top panel
9. added "GeoCache Calculator" as co-apps and also ability to add these apps to right quick panel


Quote from: "Ferretty"
Glad to read my mini-tutorial was helpful! As you converted such helpful material, did you consider to share it, attaching it to your post in the share forum? Guess there are some more British people around here who could profit from it  :P
Now I need to work out if Locus can make a sound as I approach the POI

Troubles & Questions / Re: [APP] Speed Camera DataBase SCDB
« on: October 02, 2011, 01:21:36 »
Now I can see Speed Cameras as POI in Locus. Follow these steps:
1) Download Speed Camera KMZ file - for example I used one from SCDB
2) Download Speed Camera icons - either the ones in the file or you can use any others (provided you change the name) such as the ones in this post:
Re: [ICONS] - custom category icons by Szczepanik ยป Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:21 pm
GerryC's Speed camera SatNav device POI icons
3) Follow [MANUAL] Convert an existing KML/KMZ for offline use
4) Import KMZ and display POI
5) Drive within the speed limit!

Implemented / Re: Better POI handlings needed
« on: October 02, 2011, 00:46:02 »
+1 for this to only load POI below a certain zoom level
Quote from: "tomtomxp"
Maybe you could inclued an aditional option to only load selected/ticked pois at a certain zoom level which could be set by user.
For example see the Speed Cameras in this screenshot from Locus - you can make out the shape of England  from all the POI
There are a lot of speed cams in UK!

Quote from: "menion"
1.10.2011 - Locus 1.13.3
  • release on Android market - Free & Pro
What's in this version:
1. ** 1.13.3 ***
2. many improvements on navigation system
3. added ability to choose source for route compute (MapQuest, CloudMade, Yours). Every with own advantage and disadvantage
4. fixed rotation problem during track record and many more

Menion thank you for this update!

Information / Re: [MANUAL] Convert an existing KML/KMZ for offline use
« on: September 25, 2011, 01:42:16 »
Quote from: "Ferretty"
Of course you can use any KML/KMZ offline. But if it links some images (icons and pictures), those won't be available offline if they haven't been cached before -- i.e. if you watched them all before. With version of Locus, menion features to import KMZ files including images -- and those KMZ files I am refering to here. With a few steps, you can include the images with the KMZ, and import that file into Locus
Ferrety - thank you very much for this guide :D.  Following it carefully, I have imported Speed Camera Data Base KMZ files including images into Locus 8-). We have 5,449  (Five thousand four hundred and forty nine) speed cameras in Great Britain! :(. Now I know where the fixed ones are!

POI's / Re: [ICONS] - custom category icons
« on: September 24, 2011, 19:21:27 »
GerryC's Speed camera SatNav device POI icons

"You may copy these files for you own or others use without financial gain"

Quote from: "menion"
22.9.2011 - Locus 1.13.2
  • release on Android market - Free & Pro
Menion thanks - voice directions are now in feet. :D  

Menion - thanks for this - the  "Name filter" in Points manager screen is good
Quote from: "menion"
20.9.2011 - Locus
.. some more info in previous test version
  • improved navigation system. Now should much better check for "Nearest point"
  • new "Name filter" in Points manager screen
Dibrial - thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately did not make things any better for me. I do like having the map shifted to the bottom and also rotate 90 in portrait (so the track goes up the screen),
Quote from: "dibrial"
I noticed that selecting poi's on the screen is a lot harder when map center is shifted. After changing back to normal center, selecting is smooth again.
Menion - weird, I will see if I can unsimulate thes problem I have where tapping on map does not bring up Navigation.
Quote from: "menion"
new test version available ... Anyway there is sometimes also one more problem. Tapping on icon or around icon ... no matter where ... nothing. I still have no idea how to simulate this problem, but sometimes it happen. And when you turn off and then on Locus, it will works fine ... weird
Note: I do not have a data plan so I am setting Navigation on WiFi before journey and restarting Locus in the car. Would this make a difference?

Quote from: "menion"
you're welcome ...
but I don't understand your request. For quick navigation start is simple method
- tap on point on map, select menu with guiding and compass and ... NAVIGATION ... enjoy ;)
if this is not what you need, just try to describe it a little

When I press the map, nothing happens

When I accurately press a point, I see the instructions and can choose Navigation

Only when I precisely press on the track does the menu appear.  If I am driving this is too difficult Can the Quick Menu have a button to do everything necessary to turn guide on and maybe go to nearest point?

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