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Tools / [URL]
September 18, 2011, 14:43:31
// allows one to provide the URL of a file on the Web and convert to GPX. On your Android phone (I used Dolphin browser) you can copy the Link URL from Google Maps and paste it into GPSvisualizer. Save the output to your mobile as GPX and import into Locus. You then see the exact same route in Locus as you created in Google Maps.

This means you can use Google Maps to plan and modify your route using only your mobile phone - no PC needed. Although Google maps allows one to download KML file that does not keep the waypoints - it only has the start and end points. GPSvisualizer keeps the waypoints.

Locus does now have navigation but the route is not always the best. Maybe the new server (MapQuest) used for navigation in Locus will be better - I am looking forward to testing it. However this GPSvisualizer tool gives the choice of using Google Maps with its drag and drop flexibility.

Menion - First thank you for the fantastic Locus Pro. I want to share some tools that help with Locus. This is the free App in Android Market › Transportation › Speed Camera DataBase - SCDB by Eifrig Media <>. While navigating using your Vector maps in Locus Pro with Guide On, SCDB  runs in the background and alerts you as you approach mobile and fixed speed traps. The SCDB database of over 40,000 fixed speed cameras is quite good except it does not know which direction a camera is facing.

I would like to show the location of the speed cameras on Locus. SCDB creates a 2.23 MB blitzer.sqlite database in root /data/data/de.blitzer/databases but I do not know how to use this.  As an alternative I have found a GB-SectionCameras_iGO.kmz file and loaded this into Locus and can see various points with numbers such as 30, 50 but this data is not complete and I do not know how to display them as road signs on the Vector map. Can anyone help show the different cameras with the correct icon in Locus Pro? I think I need to start by downloading icons such as these // (but they are .bmp) or these // follow your instructions in // [MANUAL] - adding custom icons to categories. Any help would be appreciated and all of us could benefit if we can see Speed Cameras in Locus Pro!