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Quote from: Tapio on October 15, 2022, 16:48:23Thx for sharing - nice to hear there's even a fork of Falcos valuable plugin.
Will have a look at how the server side was done. Personally I have a lot of good stuff going on client side and after all auto sending information via SMS to my wife (sms = most robust) - was always lazy to create a solution on my web server, I don't like db business.
Not much to win, but as for the sendqueue profile I'd check "%LiveTrackSendQueue(#)<1" already in the trigger. Except if you love flash and morse every time...

If you want to keep the reliability of SMS I guess if you had a second cell phone sitting at home you could adapt this to send an SMS and then the second phone could upload the data to the server.

And yes I grew fond of the morse code haha. Before I added that I would get curious and wonder if it was working and ended up stopping to check the phone, now I even use the beeps as a reminder to drink and eat! But yah checking if there's anything to send before going out of airplane mode would be wise. I'll put that on the TODO list.
This is an alternative to the Locus default live tracking, it displays more information and shows the current recorded track as well as the planned route. It also queues all information while offline and sends it to the server when back online.

It will record the current position from Locus every 10 seconds and every 10 minutes it will toggle airplane mode off, try to send the data to the server and then toggle airplane mode back on. This of course is all easily configurable in the scripts.

The server side scripts was based on uatschitchun's code.

The Locus-Addon-Tasker I'm using is a fork of Falcosc's with a few bug fixes and updated to the latest Locus API, I think you could get this working with Facosc's version as well, you would just need to modify the scripts where it queries the API for the GPS accuracy as the latest API version has split the accuracy into vertical and horizontal components.

If anyone wants to give it a go here are the projects:
GPSTracker server scripts
My Locus-Addon-Tasker Fork
Tasker project file

It does require quite a bit of technical knowledge to get it setup though so I do not recommend it for the faint-hearted. It involves setting up a website, compiling and installing an android app and configuring Tasker scripts.

Tools / Re: custom live tracking service for Locus
October 05, 2022, 14:17:55
I've run a few tests on this and I like what I see!

One issue though: I've added an e-mail to the e-mail field but I'm not receiving the alert e-mails. (Edit: Today when testing again I did receive the e-mail! I guess it only sends the e-mail on the first daily startup, which the other day I hadn't configured the e-mail address yet, also another suggestion, a way to change the displayed timezone)

And one suggestion! It would be amazing if we could upload a GPX track(via the web interface) so the viewer could know the planned route for the day and easily compare that with our current position.