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If it helps others, the apps are in the drive shared to the public here:

The "device release" is for the phone, the "wear release" is for your watch and this is the easiest way to install apks to your watch:
Menion and all developers, THANK YOU. I can confirm 1.5.0 works just fine in my GW4 with Wear OS 3.5. Orientation, route navigation and zoom work as expected. I hope you can solve the Google play store issue, but a least we can manually install the proper version.

I hope at least the developers take a look at this issue.

Painfully I had to use again my old galaxy watch active just for my runs on the mountains.

Please guys, we want to keep using the very best map app.

Just to summarize, it seems wear os 3.5 (updated galaxy watch 4, GW 5 and incoming pixel watch) breaks the wear add on. Even with the latest 1.4.4.
Sorry I open a new thread but after I solved the orientation problem installing with ADB the 1.4.4 version in my GW4...

I decided to do a factory reset in my Galaxy watch 4 after it received the new Wear Os 3.5 update. With a fresh installation the wear add on does not work at all. It doesnt matter if it's 1.2 or 1.4.4. I did a factory reset in my phone to test again (Pixel 5 Android 13), same result. I even tried with a diferent phone, same thing. I see the "connection lost" message every time I open it. I even tried in phone Locus classic and the other one with same results.

I suspect in the new Galaxt watch 5 happens the same as it comes directly with Wear Os 3.5. This guy says it:

So please @Menion take a look, now the the add on does not work  at all. It's really painful, I rely on Locus map wear addon for my orientation trail runs in the mountains. I really don't want to buy another watch for maps. Locus Maps is by far the BEST.