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Quote from: "menion"lloks like a conspiracy against new version :)

babi, gynta: zoom level of vector map or every map? So you end application with zoom let's say 12, and when you start locus again, there is different value?
tramp: are you sure? Seems you're leader of this conspiracy :))

To the zoom level:
1. I start locus with a vector map and a track.
2. I change to a sqlitedb map: the zoom level seems to be the same.
3. I restart locus then (!! next problem below!!) and change now to the vector map again the zoom level is some steps smaller.

New problem after point 3: the sqlitedb map is loaded with a small zoom level, the track is shown in the same size as before, but I can shift the map independent from the track. After the next change to vector maps and back this behavior has gone. I could reproduce this several time. In v1.16.3 I did not see this.

Edit: I will stop testing today.
Quote from: "tramp20"
Quote from: "menion"ufff, five hours of searching and testing ... looks like some issue on Android below 3.x (and even just some of them) ...


The 100% problem seems to be gone but this version does not load any sqlitedb- or vector maps :-(

I tried the v2.0.0.3 without GPS (in house) and without a loaded track so Locus does not show the correct position on the loeded map.
This is now ok for vector and sqlitedb maps :-)

But the problem still exists that the processor runs now at 10 % higher than with locus pro v.1.16.3 and even after stopping the v2.0.0.3 the processor load is 10 % higher as before. I have to reboot the phone to get a deeper load (with the 1.16.3 all is perfect).
Quote from: "menion"ufff, five hours of searching and testing ... looks like some issue on Android below 3.x (and even just some of them) ...


The 100% problem seems to be gone but this version does not load any sqlitedb- or vector maps :-(
I too extracted v1.16.3 pro from an oldTitanium Backup and installed it over the v2.0.0 and all is working as before (no problems with sqlitedb- and vector-maps).

So I am awaiting the next free betas to test before I upgrade my pro version.
Quote from: "sukmar"It's me again.

Did you change / influence other components?


I have the same suspicion:
After a reboot the processor sways between 10-15%,
after starting Locus  (with 100%) and stopping the processor sways between 15 and 25% without doing something.

In the taskmanager there is nothing to see.
Quote from: "menion"EDIT: sorry, in description in app is still, but it's already :)

Even I start with an empty locus-directory I have the 100 %.
I downloaded this version from your link, but the version inside in AndroidManifest.xml is and installed is (I deinstalled of course version from yesterday evening).
Did you make a mistake?
Quote from: "menion"Anyway, may someone test this version? Thanks


Sorry, no change here.

I am using MyPhoneExplorer (free) where I can monitor over WLAN processor, signal level, battery power).

I found these entries in logs:

----------  25.02.2012 06:20:21  ----------
MSG:run() - while (!requests.isEmpty())

----------  25.02.2012 06:20:21  ----------
Quote from: "menion"After phone restart, everything fine (also now)
try anyone this regular free version and let me know, thanks ...

after a restart of my SM the processor is again at 100%.
With your beta I have the 100% too (with all map types, even empty maps).

Please give us a download link to the last version.
I have this problem with all maps, not only vector maps (e.g. with own maps generated with MOBAC in sqlitedb-format).

Edit: the sqlitedb maps are loading relative fast but the processor stays at 100 %.

Edit2: with a blank map the processor has 80 %.
Quote from: "menion"thanks corbas for email. Unfortunately in your log is no important info. Is this happen only with vector maps? Other maps works correctly? (or Blank map). Tramp, mail from you do not come. Maybe post it here on forum? Thanks

I will try it here.
Quote from: "menion"ok, so please when you'll have some time. Install from market program called CatLog. Then start locus and play with it a while. After that close it, run CatLog program and after few secs, when data load, from menu select "save" and send me on"> email with this log. Hope there will be some info because I tested it quite a lot on four devices and no similar problem for a whole time ...

Quote from: "menion"this have to have some good reason. Downgrade to older version is not solution.

Are you using any special feature? The fact that processor run on 100% means that there will be probably just one problem, one running task in Locus. Even if you leave locus for a while, this happen? If so, try to send me log from CatLog please, maybe there will be some error on background or some hint why this happen

Nothing special feature.
Without locus the processor runs at 10-15 %, I never had this before.

When I stop locus the processor goes at once to these lower values.

I donĀ“t know how to use catlog (my phone is rooted).

The last err logs in locuslogs are from 10.02.2012.
after updating from a perfect 1.16.3 to 2.0 Locus pro reacts very slowly, vector map loads after 20 sec: the processor runs at 100 % constantly.
So where can I get the old version?
Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps
February 14, 2012, 09:51:23
Quote from: "menion"difference is for sure bounding area. I defined all countries manually by my own (to be true, it's work of my girlfriend) and all places have around 10km bounding area around borders. It's causing bigger files. If this is only reason ... don't know

Thank you.
I love these vector maps because I live near a border.