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I'll be watching this to see what Menion says..  I was thinking a ride I did a while back didn't have quite as much climbing as Locus said it did.  There's always room for bugs (sorry Menion ;) ) but I'd say his algo is fairly simple; every foot you climb it increments the total climb.  Even if you're rolling up and down 1 foot 100 times, assuming it's recording all of that data, that's 100 feet of climbing.  I certainly could be wrong though.
Implemented / Re: GPS status more visible
November 17, 2011, 01:01:07
Like it!
Quote from: "menion"if you want to apply this on existing tracks, you have to edit every single track (and select this in Edit track screen). In settings is ability to set color of recorded tracks, not already stored ...
Makes sense, how did I miss that!  Works great!
Quote from: "menion"hi guys, task done .... check new testing version

task is done by simply painting every path between recorded points by one color. No gradient ... just for your info. But it looks fine and it's fast enough
I'm confused how this works.  i enabled it in the settings, how to see it reflected on existing tracks?
I haven't seen such extreme drain, although it seems like there's more battery usage than I was used to in my previous program, but not by a huge amount.  I feel the sneaky feeling that the sensors are left active, but not sure how I'd verify that.

When I'm caching, quite a bit of the time I've turned off the screen while I'm approaching or leaving the cache, with guiding on while on the way to and usually guide turned off on the way back.  I don't have time distance etc on, I should check that out sometime but so far haven't played with those options.

You could try something like CPU Notify to see what CPU usage is going on..  For me, I can almost always tell when my CPU is taxed, everything gets slow and if it goes on too long, the phone or tablet starts getting warm.
Other features / Re: Android 4.0
October 24, 2011, 14:34:02
I was editing while you posted, so look up one post for a few more details, but still no problems.  :)
Quote from: "vipin"Hi menion  :)

 Any updates?
If you go into Android Settings -> Text and Voice and do the TTS tests there, do you hear a voice?  I don't think you'd yet verified TTS is working at all, some phones don't have TTS installed by default as the voices are pretty large.

And how about things like Google Navigator, voice working there?  Maybe a language mismatch?  TTS matches language with TTS language, so if you say have only the German TTS voices but your Android language is English, it won't have anything to use.
Other features / Re: Android 4.0
October 24, 2011, 13:53:31

Anything in particular on how to test Locus on the emulator?  The emulator runs okay here, I played with it the other day...  Would you use something like FakeGPS to change the location to test things or?

adb installed, runs, maps load online, downloaded some maps, went to specific coordinates, imported a gpx, did guidance, can't do navigation (no GPS, but I might try sideloading FakeGPS in later).

So far no problems.  The only way I've made it crash is asking it to get Add-On's (no market in emulator of course) or if I too-quickly ask it to do a Pro-only fuction, like Weather.  In both cashes it'll crash.  Unlikely either is specific to ICS, and are edge cases at best.

I've tried the default 800x480 as well as WXGA720 at 320 and 240 DPI,  It's funny how ICS looks quite different between the various screen sizes/dpi's.  But still, no problems in Locus I've seen.  Let me know if you want me to test anything specific!
  • ability to colorize track by speed or altitude during track record ;)

Does this also work for existing tracks based on known altitude?
TTS works fine here, it just doesn't close the window out.  Otherwise, check your Android settings under Text and Speech and make sure you have TTS voices available.
Quote from: "menion"yes, uploading is stuck on some Groundspeak testing. You have to take gcFieldNotes.txt file (in root of Locus directory on card) and upload it manually
I made a bookmark in Opera to and upload it from there.  Works quite fine!  Some other browsers seem to have issues uploading in form data, but Opera does it with no problem.  I then later go the the PC and go through the logs to post, as I generally type up something with each cache.  I like to give some feedback and comment on caches, very few "TFTC" logs from me.  :)
Other features / Re: Voice NAVIGATION
October 20, 2011, 16:49:05

I just got a chance finally to try TTS today..  Works pretty good, but a few suggestions...  Since it's TTS, can you make it say "feet" to match the units shown?  :)  We're not limited to "yards" when using TTS like when using TomTom voices.

Also, small bug..  if I choose a TomTom voice for example, it gives a small notification of the change worked and the voice menu closes.  For TTS, it just gives the notification and the menu remains open, which made me think it didn't work, although it did.

EDIT:  One more thing I've noticed..  Stuttering, so to speak.  Turn left in.. turn left.. turn left..  turn left in 30 yards.  I dunno why it's doing it, as I'm just approaching a normal left turn at a normal speed, no funny left-left-left type of turn or anything..  I've seen it on several occasions, and I've noticed it happen on the stock PICO TTS as well as SVOX so I think Locus must be sending that data to it repeatedly or something?

BTW, I am trialing SVOX as well.  I had the British voice on (I'm a sucker for the female british accent ;) ) but trying out the American voice today as well.  Haven't tried any other languages, so so far SVOX 3 is working okay.
I'd have to guess that the navigations services don't know about those roads.  You could always manually create or record such routes and follow them, Locus will guide you on any route, just automatically can create them using the web services for known routes.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cannot download maps
October 18, 2011, 15:11:10
No problem here, just downloaded a small area in Mapquest Classic.  OSM you cannot download from for a week or more since OSM decided to further restrict Locus access.

I think I FINALLY figured out what was going on today...  If I have a map database selected in Locus, exit, then update that database, I cannot write to it in Locus.  However, if I select a Blank map, update a database, then select the same database I had problems with before, I can update it.

I was using the USA My Topo in this case for all tests..  I initially could not update the database, no updates would show up after restarting the application, but once I set the map to Blank, then updated the map (from my tablet, per our previous discussions), then selected the map, it works!  

Now I'm wondering if having a read-only database, switching to Blank, then back to the same database would "fix" it as well...