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Troubles & Questions / Re: Geocache Hint
December 19, 2011, 00:30:21
Why use c:geo at all?  Locus can load caches in, and frankly c:geo's live map isn't very reliable when I used it in the past.
Quote from: "menion"damn, there much worst problem, try enable gps and screen rotate :) ... hmm I'll release new version soon. I also discovered, that problem with touch during rotation is cause by some issue in android itself. This will be fixed by using OpenGL instead of current 2D system ...
Yeah, I went caching yesterday and was like wth???  when my map starts running across the country ;)
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Addon - Geocaching
December 17, 2011, 16:39:58
Quote from: "vtgeopirates"Yes. I agree with Dibial. Logs and cache status should  be updated and not duplicated when you import  again.
Great tool.
I'm hoping when Menion finishes his evaluation with with their API this will be how the behavior works...
I too have about 14k waypoints in GPX, but I only import the area I'm caching in currently..  Why import others that you won't be seeing any time soon?  Or do you cache full time?  Must be nice ;)
Quote from: "menion"hmm interesting ideas ...

so, my opinion

- colorizing. I understand that this should be handy on one side. For normal icons, it can be done by some icon packs where you can choose icon color you want. I know that for geocaching this do not work, because there is no possibility to choose icons for caches. Anyway your solution is quite difficult for me to implement to current system. Hmm, I'll think about it ... some solution should be ... ability to choose icon pack also for geocaches ... hmm

k, I'm sure you'll come up with a good method.  I just want to be able to identify a category of POI's from GPX files, ie:  ones with predetermined icons, with the least fuss possible.  ie:  I don't want to change the entire category icons, I wouldn't want to change _individual_ icons, etc.  If it was an entirely different set of icons for that particular category and that set was associated with the category and is maintained with new imports etc, sounds fine with me.  :)  I'd be happy to duplicate the existing icons and tone 'em myself even.

Quote from: "menion"- refreshing - in new version I added new button. When you go to Point manager screen, last button (except "Fill altitude", "Copy to...", ..) contains also Import, where you only choose file and that's all. So it faster to import to different categories. I'll probably also add this button to "Category screen" as you mentioned before. About some autorefresh .. hmm I'm sure this will be enough ;)
The "import" on the categories does help here, one less choice to make.  I fat finger stuff, and Locus is great about confirming actions but I tend to get into a roll and might confirm my incorrect selection sometimes (hint: I have at least once.. heh).  I think it's enough, although it'd still be nice if it could remember the file you imported into the category last time.  :)
Quote from: "stebu"Well, you can also mark a waypoint (long click on screen, then click on the bubble) and start "Guide on".
Then turn GPS off, and move the map center to the second point. Locus will show the distance while you move the map center (if you have enabled it). If you choose "Guiding" for the top menu, you can see the distance and bearing from map center to the waypoint.
This is what I personally do.
Under review / Re: "Big Button" profile (setting)
November 29, 2011, 22:45:39
Quote from: "menion"yes, that's what I wanted to say ... guys, I know you're looking forward to this idea. My info ...

1. stebu and Khaytsus .. sorry but my English is not enough to understand your last posts :)) (I'm serious)
2. do you know custom screens? This feature is still in Beta (gynta already know) and for a  while it remain. Anyway I have big plans with it and want to add big support for it later (some things are still much more important). When this will work (custom screens) you'll be able to define own skin for whole screen
3. in plan is addon for sharing skins for this custom screen, so I'm sure soon or later will be available skins that fit you needs!
4. only bad news - I know you want this on winter (on some special gloves as I read), but I still have a lot of other work to do, so plan for work on this are on .. hmm around February - March .. we'll see ...

Sounds like you already have this in the works, so the schedule is okay with me.  Reminds me, I need to get some gloves with capacitive fingers.  I hate typing with my nose in the winter. :)
Under review / Re: "Big Button" profile (setting)
November 29, 2011, 20:59:37
Quote from: "stebu"Hi Menion, what if you had hidden menu. This menu is enabled with (quick)settings "Big Buttons".
When it is enabled, doubleclick brings up a whole screen, big button menu.

But what are the "big" functions? I seem to be using zoom and rotate buttons while driving, but they are rather easy to use in the current version.
Recorder control while biking?
I could see it hiding the menus/button (as it can already today) and when you tap the screen it shows 8 or 10 buttons of the users desire, the buttons being sort of like the "Locus" menu does today?

I have two wishlist items, hopefully they're interesting to you and other users.  I think both fit in well with the existing Locus functionality.  Please, anyone also interested in either or both speak up!

Thanks!!   :D

Wishlist one:  Colorizing of category icons

Use Case:  Per category being able to identify special items.  Specifically to geocaching, say I have a Pocket Query of typical Unfound caches, I'd leave this the default.  But I also have a Pocket Query of my DNF's, I want to color these a Blue color so I can quickly identify them on the map.  I personally already have the PQ's set up this way from a long time back.  I have DNF's (Blue), Mine (Purple), Lonely (Orange), etc..  The colors were done on datafile creation for an old Geocaching program called GeoNiche and was very handy for me.

Suggestion on implementation:  In Category->Edit screen, there's Icon, Name, add an option here, perhaps Overlay Color, which offers you the Choose Color dialog you have in Settings and some other places.  Default to White/Transparent (ie:  No change).  If the user does change it, simply overly this new color over the icon on the Edit screen (for preview) and on the Map.  For most Geocaching icons, this would basically make the white Square colorized depending upon setting.  Some other icons may or may not work well with this, such as the Black Star on Orange probably won't show much change but that's okay.

Wishlist two:  Refresh of Imported Data

Use Case:  I have a Pocket Query, such as all of the caches I have nearby I have not found.  Currently I go to Data Manager->Import, select File, Select Category, answer a few questions.  It would be nice to go to a Data Manager->Categories->Tap Category and Refresh to accomplish the Import without selecting a File and Category.  Less chance for error (selecting wrong file or category), same taps but potentially less fuss if you have a lot of files in the directory you import from.

Suggestion on implementation:  Store the file used to import data into the Category on Import.  To then refresh, Data Manager->Categories->tap category shows Points, Edit, Delete.  Add "Refresh" here.  When this is hit, it automatically imports that file, asking the typical overwrite etc questions.  I basically have one ZIP or GPX per Category, other folks might have multiple files they import into a given category.  Not sure what to suggest here...  Import Last, somehow track all of them?  Import Last seems reasonable to me.

Use Case Two:  Refresh All categories!  I currently have about 6 categories I keep up to date, but keep them separated so I can turn them on or off, such as Unfound, My Hides, My Finds, set of caches in another area, etc.  It would be nice to refresh them all at once.

Suggestion on implementation:  Not sure here.  A "Refresh All" button doesn't really fit under a specific Category, and you don't have anything on the "Menu" button here.  You do not have anything on a long-press of a category, maybe this could pop up a "Refresh All" menu?  Not sure what to suggest here.
Under review / Re: "Big Button" profile (setting)
November 28, 2011, 18:10:10
When I'm driving, just making simple changes to Locus requires me paying entirely too much attention to the phone vs me reaching up, glancing, poking, like I do with other apps, like Waze.

I agree, a simplified interface with larger buttons that could be toggled on/off replacing the current screen buttons would be great.
Tools / Re: Merge two sets of maps together
November 27, 2011, 04:14:15
Reserved, just in case...  Who knows.  :)
Tools / Merge two sets of maps together
November 27, 2011, 04:07:52

I have a phone and a tablet..  I inevitably download data separately on both, but I'd like to not lose that data..  No point in downloading it twice, or trying to copy from one to another etc..  So I came up with a system I thought I'd share.  Maybe it's useful to a few other folks.

Note you'll clearly have to tweak this to your setup, paths you use, etc etc...  And note I only do Online maps, so these scripts are "hard coded" to the mapsOnline directory.  If you do other types, or multiple types, you'll have to modify accordingly.  And note I've just recently started doing this.  It seems to work, but you'll want to do testing of your own.  If you notice any mistakes or have suggestions, or even find it useful, feel free to say so!

I have a set of scripts on both devices which uploads and downloads the data to my server...  I use the "rsync for Android" in the market to get the rsync and ssh binaries to use in Android, but in reality I use run 'em in gscript (quicker to write a shell script and execute it than in the rsync Android gui).  Note here I'm also using keys so I'm not prompted for passphrases etc, so you'll probably want to do the same thing.  I already had this set up for backing up my SD card, so it was easy to re-use for Locus.

So here's the process I use..

First thing to do is change to the Blank map on both devices.  Otherwise I run into sqlite problems in Locus, I presume because the database is changing out from under Locus, not sure, Menion was looking into it at one point but not sure if he found anything he could fix here..  The symptom will be errors in logcat, but the obvious failure is that you can no longer add any tiles to the map, anything added will not persist next time you start Locus.  

So after I set the map to Blank on both devices, I run the script to sync the Locus data up to my server on both devices.  Then I run a shell script on my Linux box to combine the maps from the phone and tablet into one "merged" directory, ready for download.  Then I run the script to sync the Locus data back down to each device.  Probably take 15-20 minutes total I'm guessing to do the whole process if a lot of stuff has changed, so I typically won't be doing this unless I know I have "enough" data to share.

Now, here are the scripts..   These scripts are for my Dell Streak 7 tablet.  The scripts for my phone are similar, except they use "locus-n1" instead of "locus-ds7' so the files are kept separately between the two devices.

This script uploads /mnt/sdcard/Locus/ to my /media3/android/microsd/locus-ds7/ path on my Linux machine.

/data/data/eu.kowalczuk.rsync4android/files/rsync -rltDv
 -c --chmod=u=rwX,g=rX,o=rX
 -e "/data/data/eu.kowalczuk.rsync4android/files/ssh -l wally -y -i /sdcard/sdcard2/bin/etc/dropbear/dropbear_dss_host_key"
 /mnt/sdcard/Locus/ wally@

And the companion script which downloads the data back..  Note I only download the mapsOnline folder back down for now..  I haven't quite figured out if I can or want to merge points databases..  This copies down from the Linux box's /media3/android/microsd/locus-merged/mapsOnline/ folder back down to my locus maps directory to update it to the newly merged data.


/data/data/eu.kowalczuk.rsync4android/files/rsync -rltDv
 -c --chmod=u=rwX,g=rX,o=rX
 -e "/data/data/eu.kowalczuk.rsync4android/files/ssh -l wally -y -i /sdcard/sdcard2/bin/etc/dropbear/dropbear_dss_host_key"

And I'll attach the shell script here rather than paste it..  Read over it.  What I'm doing is if a file exists in both directories and it does NOT have the same md5sum, I'm merging the two together into the "merge" directory.  After that, I look in both directories.  If a file exists that does not exist in the "merge" directory, I copy it.  This catches the databases which were the same on both paths (checksum) and those which only existed on one device.
Okay, I found how to calibrate a map, it shows...  Works pretty good, but not sure how to use it from there.  I would have expected it to show up as an overlay I can turn on/off somewhere and it persists.  Perhaps in the Maps menu, a new tab?   It'd also be able to tweak some things..  Turning it completely off, back on, perhaps opacity, deleting it, exporting it, etc..

Right now it seems like it's only temporary, goes away when I exit..  I can start the tool again and it has the last set of data in there and I can bring it back up, but personally I have a few sets of maps it'd be handy to have in Locus.

One suggestion..  Maprika makes it really fast to calibrate maps because it estimates where the next point will be at every input, can Locus also do this?  :)  ie:  If I give it enough points for it to start making a decent estimate, when I put the mark on the image to calibrate it'll estimate where it'll be on the map screen, so less moving around etc.

BTW, bug report....  if you do Map Item Manager after calibrating a map, Locus crashes.  I'm sending a report.
Last time I tried, I imported around 11,000 into Locus, but I have mine split into 5 regions in my state + one "everything else" region..  They all come from one gigantic GPX file and I yank out data using gpsbabel to make it faster to import areas..  I never need to load everything unless it's just to look at ;)

I had no problems doing it, but then again, I was not importing all 11k at once, it's in 6 separate files.

And as mentioned, having 10,000 on the todo list is a good problem to have..  ;)
Quote from: "menion"hi guys,
  this is little bit funny because this was discussed here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=728

  In locus is already small filter that do some computation on altitude before save. Just a little to remove really huge nonsense. Problem with altitude in phones is that accuracy in vertical plane is much worst then in horizontal. So even when you ride on flat, altitude will probably change a little (maybe meter on 10 meters) so it all count in altitude summary in Locus. In mentioned topic, I talked about possibility to set filter strength also on altitude (it's already working on orientation) but this was never realized. Maybe this should help, so If you'll expect not so hilly terrain and also don't care about exact altitude values, then some stronger filter should come handy. And opposite ... what you think?
Yeah, cellphones barely get the horizontal position close in good conditions (and pretty bad when moving or with any obstructions), but as you say, vertical position on phones is usually pretty terrible.  I doubt it's even consistently bad..  My phone I've seen it say I'm between 600 and 1200 feet at the house, when it's 984.

As you say, filtering is pretty scenario-specific..  Maybe on the Info page the filter could be changed if anywhere, so you could see the difference in one place?  Dunno.  :)