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Declined / Access POI not only when stored in favorites
« on: October 26, 2011, 19:36:16 »

I have "grouped" my POI in different Categories and not only within Favorites.

But the problem is that if you want to use the function to Navigate from 1 POI to another POI you only could access those POI which are stored with the Favorites and not within other Categories.

I had alos no luch yet to move 1 POI from Category A into another Category - for example into Favorites.

Best regards,


Implemented / locus forum via tapatalk
« on: October 08, 2011, 19:52:47 »

would be nice to access the locus forum via the tapatalk application on adroid.

The web site say it is free of charge for the forum.

I find this app quite handy to be able to access my different forums.

xda is using a customized version of tapatalk for exampel

Best regards,

Declined / scaling up the streetnames like the addon for google maps
« on: October 08, 2011, 19:49:25 »

for my taste on my HTC-Sensation the street names are realy looking tiny in locus.

Google maps has a 3rd party addon (found in google maps  under "Google Labs")

You can the difference easily if you look the google maps by locus and than by google.

Best regards,



ich suche wo ich die Schriftgröße für die Strassennamen "richtig" einstellen kann. Bei locus ist das alle sehr sehr klein, egal welche Karte man wählt, OSM, google, etc.

Bei google maps werden die Strassennamen größer dargestellt, das suche ich auch bei locus.




ich habe ein paar Vektor KArten geladen und wollte ein wenig "herumspielen".

Wie komme ich in den Kartenbereich von Canada wenn ich in Österreich sitze? Ich markiere z.B Ontario, da ich aber in Österreich sitze wird natürlich nichts angezeigt. Eine Funktionwie "springe zur aktiven KArte" oder so etwas ähnliches habe ich nicht gefunden.



Declined / Some ideas for clever bluetooth gps
« on: August 30, 2011, 20:35:43 »

just bought locus pro and I would like to say that this is realy a great application!

Came from WM and a HD2 and now I am on Adroid with a HTC Sensation.

For the bluetooth gps I have some wishes to make it a little more comfortale:

For using it in the car I normaly prefer  to use a bluetooth gps to be independent form the phone "loaction"  - in a rental car I put the device normaly not under windchill and have therefore not good gps reception with the built in gps.

Would it be possible to add a function

- if bluetooth is ON
- scan 1st if the bluetooth gps is available
-- if yes: Use it
-- if no: use internal gps

or (even more sofisticated)
- switch on bluetooth
-- scan for the bluetooth device
-- if found: use it
-- if not:
- switch off bluetooth
- use internal gps

- in the gps "screen/menue" have a button within locus to switch on/off bluetooth to make the handling easier.

Best regards,


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