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Just a follow up.

A friend had a similar problem as I did i.e. the track visibility turning off & not sticking after closing Locus Map and then reopening.

I'm reasonably sure it's related to the problem described:

We applied the suggested "Most reliable solution" & their track visibility is now working properly.
I'm pretty sure I gave it a reasonable time to close (swipe off the screen etc). I also noticed it was taking longer on start-up because it was searching through all the maps (approx 100 mbtile maps) every time I closed & launched it. Previously, it seemed to learn the new maps & subsequent starts were much quicker.

I have most of the Locus Map data (Backup, maps, mapsVector folders) on the micro SD card instead of internal phone storage. I previously used the "Set custom sub-directories" to point them to the micro sd card's Android/media/ equivalent folders.

Perhaps something had mucked up with the micro sd card. Since no one else is having this problem, it seems specific to me (& coincidental with the 3.66.0 update).

I tried using Backup manager to save my tracks/points/settings to both the phone storage & the micro-sd card (changing the backup location through the custom sub-directories)  In both cases, it kept saying "unsuccessful" (or something like that) in an orange box. Interestingly, it moved the existing backup files between the phone storage/micro sd but it couldn't write a new backup file.

Fortunately, I had recently backed up my track/point,settings data & maps for use with NoxPlayer to run Locus Map on a PC.

I removed & reinstalled Locus Map via the Play Store & then used Backup manager to restore the tracks/points/settings from the PC's NoxPlayer Locus Map tracks/points/settings.

I set the custom sub-directories back to the micro sd card (giving it permissions), reloaded all the maps & it worked (including the fast startup after learning the maps). So I'm not sure what or why it stopped.

The moral of the story is to keep backups for when something goes awry.

Time will tell if something else is misbehaving e.g. maybe the micro sd card.

Thanks again,

Just updated to V3.66.0 (Samsung A72 Android 13). There seems to be a problem with the track visibility. All my tracks had their visibility turned off.

I turn the track visibility back on for some tracks & then close/shutdown the app. After opening the app again, all tracks have their visibility is turned off (including the ones I just previously turned on).

Is anyone else having this problem?
Troubles & Questions / Scoped Storage Difficulties
December 13, 2021, 05:13:41
Hello, I'm new to this forum but I've been using Locus Map Pro for quite some time. Besides the online maps, I create my own mbtile offline maps for bushwalking here in Australia using GDAL/QGIS.

Locus Map Pro has been working well on my Samsung A72 up until recently. Locus Map Pro has been updated to V3.56.3 which is moving towards/complies with Android "scoped storage". I understand it's all about greater security as enforced by Android/Google, particularly in Android 11 but I think Locus Map could possibly make my life easier in this new regimen (without breaking scoped storage).

I have my custom offline mbtile maps on the sdcard Android/data/ which is now very restricted (actually anything under Android/data is very restricted) due to the Android "scoped storage" policy. I've been using Cx File Explorer with it's SMB functionality to copy maps wirelessly from a shared PC folder (or server) to the above maps location. Whilst Cx File Explorer can still read the above maps location, it can't write to it anymore. I also tried the Android "Files" app & it can't reach the Android/data (& below) folder either. The only way available to me to access the sdcard Locus maps folder is via a usb cable connected to a PC. This method isn't always available to me e.g. when I'm out bushwalking and wishing to share a map (without mobile coverage dropbox etc).

Locus Maps Pro could make my life a whole easier if the "+" button on the Maps Manager then "External Maps"  would go to a built-in file manager instead of the message "Please copy them to /Locus/maps directory manually via the system file manager". Neither Cx File Explorer nor Android "Files" can access/write to the /Locus/maps folder so the message seems futile.

Would it be possible to have a built-in file manager for offline maps similar to the way the "Points Manager" (Data), "+" (Add), Import, "Select Source" & selecting "Device storage" works? From there, the built-in file manager could copy maps from e.g. the Documents folder to the Locus Maps scoped storage.

Perhaps someone else could suggest another way of moving/copyng maps in & out of scoped storage (without using a usb cable)?