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LiveTrack24.Com is a de-facto standard application page, for recording and displaying live tracks. Sadly Locus maps does not seem to support it. Any news regarding the implementation of data synchronization to ?
Troubles & Questions / Altitude vs Elevation
April 27, 2021, 19:00:07
Hello everyone. Did any of you notice that Locus Map (android app) confuses altitude with elevation? It displays the elevation data under the altitude name  ;D Not exactly professional but not a big issue either. Many people confuse the two terms to begin with...
A more relevant issue is the fact that Locus can not display the Altitude at all ! This is sad because many people like myself find Locus very useful, as a "all rounder" navigation tool (in the air and on the ground). And the program already has all the data it needs. To get the correct altitude it only needs to substract the actual gps map location altitude from the actual elevation.