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Hi Menion,

"About vibration during navigation > hmm interesting idea. It is really useful on the phone?"

Well, I think it is useful :) It has something to do with Galaxy Watch addon (which is by the way the best app in my watch). When I am hiking I dont need to use turn-by- turn navigation, voice guidance or whatever ... It is enough when phone vibrate when you are off the track ... but when I am on bike, the situation is completly different. The thing is, like in the car it is good while you are watching situation on the road and navigation will tell you that you should turn in 100 m so you check the screen for a while.

On the bike, in heavy traffic it may happen that you wont hear the voice of the navigation (until you are using headphones) and the watch dont vibrate (neither the phone), so on the crossroad you have to check your watch (very often) if you should turn or not. I have my phone in bike jersy pocket, so it would be great if instead of voice command, the phone could vibrate to let me know change of direction is coming and I should look at the watch.

Also this is the problem in turn-by-turn while you are walking in the city. No voice command means you have to check your watch all the time. Voice command means people are turning all the time as your phone is quite loud :) So ideal situation is to left my phone in the pocket and vibrate when change of direction is coming.
Thanks for pointing me to helpdesk, I found out today that "Guidance" has a setting for notifications with vibration ...I dont know what is the difference between Navigation and Guidance (it looks the same to me), but I will try it before I will contact developers.

EDIT: lol When I choose Guidance, I cant recalculate the route  ;D anyway I am going to try it if the phone will vibrate at least.
Ok, thanks anyway. I use predefined track as well (for hiking), phone only vibrates when you are off the track but in case of using turn by turn navigation for bike\car, the only option is voice or nothing. It would be great if phone could also vibrate in case of changing direction. I will try to ask elsewhere in forum, maybe there is a solution for this.

Hi, Ok, no problem :)

You can still Tap on Screen so you have much more time (I have 15 seconds) to see everything or use Shaker, you only need to twist your wrist immediately after wake up gesture (raising hand) ,but in my case 6 second is enough for checking my position.

It is pitty that developer of the plugin dont work with them anymore. It would be great if watch could vibrate while navigating. I was looking for setting so the phone could vibrate when change of direction is coming, but didnt find any ... do you have experience with that? :)


Hmm that is strange. On Saturday I had exactly the same problem like you and I was kind of pissed. I did the trick with Shaker but found better solution. One setting in watch "Settings -> Display -> Show last app, change this to 1 hour" and the problem is gone. Like I wrote 2 day ago, I went for a walk and it was working. Today I went for a bike and I can confirm that it is definitely working (at least for me - Samsung Active 1+ Xiaomi Mi9). On Saturday it took 4s to show my position, I have changed "show last app" from 20 seconds to 1 hour and now I can see my position in 1 second every time I do the wake up gesture. Today I was on bike for 1 hour so I tested it properly :)

So once again :) On Saturday it was working like this - Wake Up gesture so I had 6s (it cant be changed, it is deafult by Samsung) until screen went black, it took 4s for Locus addon to show my position so I had to rise my hand twice as I barely could see in 2 second where I am .... or Tap the screen so I had 15 seconds (can be changed in settings) - but tapping the screen on bike and with gloves on my hands is hell :)
Then I bought Shaker app, set it to 1 shake and screen duration to 10 seconds. Wake up gesture (quick rise of hand from handle bar), than 1 shake (you need to turn your wrist, not to shake really :) ) and my screen was ON for 10 seconds ... 4s of waiting for addon to show my position so I had 6s to see where I am :)

Then I found solution with watch settings "Settings -> Display -> Show last app, change this to 1 hour" in deafult it was 20 seconds so I changed it to 1 hour. I have turned off Shaker App. Now every time I rise my hand I can see my position in 1 second and I have 5 more to watch the map :)

Maybe I can do a video for you so you can see how it is working for me :)

I have recently bought Galaxy watch and I have the same "problem" . What's worse is that Samsungs "wake up" gesture shows display for only 6 second, it takes 4 seconds for Locus addon to show my position, so you have only 2 second to see where you are. Basically I need to raise my hand twice in short time, or disable wake up gesture in settings of galaxy watch and tap on display ( I have 15 seconds of screen time).

Well there is a workaround for this. I dont have to turn off wake up gestures in settings of Galaxy watch anymore or do the gesture twice. Shaker app can do the trick. So -first of all set Shaker launcher ON, then you set 1 shake for Locus map and last setting is Screen on duration (10-15 is sufficient). Well - rise your hand, shake once and now you have plenty of time to see your position.

Yes, speeding up of addon would be better solution, but my workaround is OK for walking or bike.

EDIT: I have been digging through the internet and I think there is a solution without shaker app. Some reddit user was looking for a similar solution for some music player. Try this:

Settings -> Display -> Show last app, change this to 1 hour

I went for a short walk and it looks like it is working. Now it takes 1,5 s to show my position, even after few minutes without wakeing up the watch . It looks like Tizen will keep Locus "ready" in memory for 1 hour. Try and let me know if it is working for you