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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.0.+ ( 30. 3. 2021 )
« on: April 02, 2021, 09:45:43 »
As a long term Locus Pro user I installed the new version yesterday and bought the Gold subscription with the discount immediately.

My first impression was like: The interface changed but apart from that I don't see any major changes.
I know there's new stuff but apparently I only used a small portion of what Locus offers.
To be honest I am not sure that if the Gold plan is the right one for me. But for now I am happy that I have 12 month for testing and then I will decided whether Gold/Silver is the subscription that fits me most.

During my testing yesterday some questions arose.

1. For me the most needed function is to have a web track editor. Just tested the new one for a short while and it looks really good. Since gpsies is gone I haven't found any good track editor (don't like alltrails).
I guess I can create a new track with my computer and it is available in Locus Map on my phone, right? I mean there's a sync between them? I do not have to download the gpx file send it to my mobile, right?
If so, is it only part of gold plan or also silver?

2. I miss the buttons for zooming out and in when viewing the map. 2 finger zoom is not always possible. Is it hidden in the settings?

3. Is there a fast way to quit Locus Map? Don't want to click through the menu several times.

4. With Locus Pro I was able to easily import gpx files. For example someone sent it to me via mail. I clicked on the attachment in the mail, Locus opened and offered me to import the track.
With version 4 Locus opens but that's all. No popup dialog and ofcourse not import. Why is that?

5. The 2nd time I started Locus I had the free/ad version and I was offered the subscription (again). Of course I didn't buy it (again). Restarting didn't help. The ads disappeared after a while and today I was recognised as a gold user. So perhaps this is already solved

6. What type of contour lines does Locus use? Any chance to integrate the high resolution 1 arcsecond files into the LoMaps?


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