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Quote from: Menion on July 04, 2021, 21:45:17
Hi, I'm checking speed of IGN servers and in my case, app downloaded 500MB/hour, so it should be 4 hours in your case. Not sure where was problem. Slow internet connection? Temporary slowdown on the IGN server? Hard to say, sorry. Btw. did you tried any vector maps like LoMaps, OpenAndroMaps and or any other? It may save you a lot of space and time ...

Thank you for your reply !
As I told you, the loading time of the same maps with another app that Locusmaps took me a usual time, close to the one you mentioned.
I need the IGN maps because many paths are not shown on the other maps.
I hope I'm in the right place to tell you about my difficulties.

I am using version 4.2.1 and when I download maps from the French lGN base, it takes an extremely long time, much longer than before. I haven't downloaded for over six months. It takes more than thirty (30!) Hours of download for a card of around 2 GB.

My internet line is not in question, I checked its speed. I also checked the download speed on another app which also has an IGN subscription and everything is going as usual: about 15 minutes of download for a map of about 2 GB.

What can I do ? is this an app bug? is this a temporary problem?

Thank you for your help
I have been using your app with great pleasure for several years and for a ridiculous price !

The subscription you are asking to pay, for me, is just a thank you for all these years and for those that come, thanks to the result of your wonderful work.