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Locus map is the best app for 4x4 offroad. Use it very often and very good indeed. For example the navigation guide, voice on navigation and waypoints is extremely useful in 4x4 offroad because we can concentrate in very complex/dangerous terrains without risk to look too often to the screen and go to a micro-dangerous part of the trail.
Also Orux, but very complex for me & any newbie.
But Locus lacks something to be perfect: 4x4 off-road profile, needed when designing routes and also when we need recalculate a track/route (example: new no-go area, that happens often in 4x4 offroad navigation). In Marketing this little thing opens Locus Maps to a new market: the 4x4 vehicles owners.
In Brouter this theme has been discussed. But I'm on Lorouter, because is the future for Gold subscribers.
The suggestion:
1. Reading maps I saw that they have MTB grades in trails;
2. After doing some trails I saw that
- Grades 0 & 1 - all the ones I've done are appropriate for 4x4 vehicles
- Grade 2 - generally appropriate for 4x4 vehicles (depends on its size & height & characteristics of vehicle); we can go around if a very narrow portion of trail appears with a no-go+recalc or visually searching in map an alternative
- Grades >=3 generally not appropriate for 4x4 vehicles; exceptionally may be appropriate, but should not be considered in route calculation; if we want go there we have the option to manually design the route by there

a) This is my first suggestion, for Locus team create a default Lorouter 4x4 offroad profile
b) Also if there is a way to manually create a Lorouter profile with those characteristics, please a manual or guide how to do it. This b) suggestion can be useful for other activities that need a different profile from the default ones.
Edited: MTB grades were wrong
Troubles & Questions / No-go
July 22, 2021, 19:03:09
There are 3 scenarios I've used "no-go", both using offline Lorouter or Brouter.
In all scenarios the "no-go" had 500 meters range and were active for all routing profiles.

1st. scenario
I plan a route and added some "no-go" areas; then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

2nd. scenario
edit a saved route and put no-go;  then made a recalculate and new route avoids "no-go" areas;

3r. scenario (really was my first try and is the one more often happens in real life)
I have an old route I do all years, because it haves very beautiful scenarios, and this year one of the portions of the route has a gate with padlock; I putted a permanent "no-go" with 500 meters range, to prevent re-directions to points of track inside that property. Made "recalculate" the route and also go to the nearest point of the route, but nothing happens. Continues routing through the no-go area.

I used both Lorouter offline and Brouter offline, because 80% of the area I use to go off-road has no cell signal, only satellite (gps), so can't use online routers to test.

So I ask for help in the 3rd. scenario above, that is common when doing offroad 4x4.

(edited to clarify/modify text)
Last weekend I'd been in a navigation workshop with a difficult track to test. The 22 Km. track was for 4x4 offroad, in dirty roads that were present in Locus Maps.
I did it with 2 devices, one with Locus 4 Gold and offline-Lorouter (updated 1 hour before the run) and another device as backup with Locus Pro and offline-Brouter. Same maps & configurations on both devices, except the offline router.
The GPS precision was very good, always between 3 and 6 meters.

1- Locus 4 Gold with offline-Lorouter
Several times the turn-by-turn presented a big "?" and I could became lost in the middle of nowhere.

2- Locus Pro with offline-Brouter
Always indicated me the way to go; so the backup-device turned the main device

So my first conclusion is  that offline-Lorouter is far away (yet ?) of the power of offline-Brouter.
And that offline-Lorouter is not for offroad, or offline-Lorouter is still in a beta stage and still dangerous for real adventures (without other device as backup), and if so should be noted by Locus.

Or something else I hope someone with more experience can share  ;) ;)
Other features / LoRouter, Brouter
May 05, 2021, 17:44:14
I tried to find information about Lorouter and differences with Brouter, but I don't find information about this.
In offline I was using Brouter with the Brouter app and specific downloads.
Lorouter is best? Needs also Brouter behind?