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It is related to this help question, where Tapio asks to change the layout of the navigation screen in a very specific way: if using voice commands when hiking, then hide the navigation cues (arrows).  It appears that presets which can configure the layout of the navigation layout would solve both Tapio's use case and mine.

This help issue as asking the same, I think:
Is it possible to declutter or alter the layout of the navigation screen in Locus Pro? Specifically I would like to hide the streetname and move the fields from the top bar to the right of the screen. When navigating, the top section of the screen shows your future route. Therefore the location of the street name and data fields at the top overlaps with the route which is undesirable. The right column would be much better suited (as it is implemented in OSMAnd, where it is also possible to remove all fields if the user wants this).

I've included a screenshot with annotations illustrating the issue in Locus Pro. Unfortunately the magenta line does not cross the fields in the screenshot. This problem is better illustrated in this demo locus image. I also attached a screenshot of OSMAnd where the user can select which fields should be shown in the left panel (and the toggle to hide the streetname).