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Troubles & Questions / Heart rate alarm ?
June 11, 2020, 22:25:50
My heart rate sensor is connected in Bluetooth ; is it possible to set an alarm on the Heart Rate monitoring (ringing when my heart rate is too high) ?
Thanks !
Question from a dummy : I have Locus Map Pro and I can't find the widget for track recording (I find the classical recording interface only). Where can I launch it ?
Thanks !

I use the Function "Navigation along a route" from some GPX tracks I downloaded from the Net. It is my standard usage, for MTB on small pathes in forest and moutains. It is wonderful : Locus Map automatically generates navigation commands along the route in places of the most remarkable direction changes.

But here are some little mistakes sometimes : when there is a bifurcation with a small angle, you have to choose right or left but the navigation says nothing (probably because the angle is small).

Is there a way to improve this ? Can I make myself some add-ons inside the navigation prepared by Locus Map automatically (I mean I would add this navigation point myself in the Lotus navigation plan) ?

Thanks !

With Locus Map Pro on Android 8.1.0 OPPS28.58-13-6 on Motorola MOTO-G5 : when I enable "Turn on when notified during navigation", it is always showing me the message asking if I accept to Activate device administrator (again each time there is a navigation point notification). So it makes it unusable (and I had to do my navigation with screen 'on' permanently and had nearly no more battery at the end).

Remark : I succeeded to make the screen trun on with gestures (wave twice) and it is not showing the administrator activation message again and again (just once first time).

Do you know what I could do ?

Thanks !
Free chat / Waoo effect
May 30, 2020, 23:40:45
I just discovered and tried Locus Map (Pro) in MBT on some forest pathes. Waoo ! Very powerful !
My usage is : 'Navigation along a route' from a GPX track I downloaded from the Net before. It had been a long time I had been looking for a tool able to do a voice navigation on pathes (not roads !) from a downloaded track ! It's crazy, I had no route to prepare myself and it worked pretty well ! I found navigation - visual and voice - very efficient and professional (it was GraphHopper - I'll test BRouter soon as well).
As it was a bit too much talkative (on very sinuous pathes) I put 'Frequency of commands' at Low. Then it was OK. I could be guided mainly with the voice and didn't need to look at the screen often (which is essential in 'intense' MTB). Only ~3 navigation errors in 3 hours.
Congratulations Locus map !!