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it has been some time since I made a post on this issue, but there still seem to be problems with the route planers estimated time when adding shaping points. I attach some pictures from a scenario where it occured for better understanding. I've seen similar behaviour on many routes now.

As you can see in Picture1 (P1) the estimated time for the route is 2:08, when adding another point, the time only changes by 3min for almost 1,5km.
When measuring the section itself, it shows 25min.

In a variant of the route, the est. time is 2:23 when only using a start- and endpoint. When adding a shaping point, time decreases to 1:58min.

In this case I used GraphHopper and the hiking profile - when using BRouter the overall timeframe changes, but the problems appear to be the same.

On top of that, the "estimated travel time" which can be accessed under statistics, also isn't of great help because the profiles imo would need some tuning or be customisable.


I've got some strange problems with the route planner:

1. the estimated time shown on bottom bar shows somehow wrong values. For example: for a 6km mountain-hike with 1700m elevation it estimates 16 min, when I go to "travel time" it estimates 4:50h. (Planning profile is set to hiking).

2. On the other hand when I plan the same route from the peak downwards, it's the same, but now "travel time" also doesnt work correctly it estimates 1 min for the whole trip down.

Am i doin something wrong?
Hi! I would like to ask some information on altitude tracking before I go ahead and buy the pro version -

1.I am particularly interested how the  option to "optimize gps altitude" via smrt will work? Is it smoothing the curve in post or calibrating the gps from time to time etc?

2. Can I import LIDAR data and will the above optimization then use this data instead?

thanks in advance!