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I do use microG which is an open implementation of the most essential google services. (
It actually should support location, except if you're working with the maps api v2 which is not fully supported.

Also, suggest to check settings > GPS & Sensors > Google Services assisted location. This have a significant effect on how the location is obtained.

Thanks, disabling that option fixed it. It's enabled by default when I install the current version. But it's disabled when I install the old version of Locus free.
As to why it doesn't work when enabled, I guess that one is on me. I do not run full google services on my custom ROM.


today I found a weird issue with Locus Pro. Location does not work at all on its own. When I activate Gps (inside Locus) it simply shows "No satellites". The location icon which indicates that an app is accessing the location is also not shown in the android status bar. So it looks like the app doesn't properly request location access.

Now, I haven't really used Locus over the last two weeks. I checked my track recordings and the last one I made was on March 15th. Now that I checked that, I saw that the gps altitude was off by a few hundred meters and sometimes jumping up another 1000m. Not sure if that can be related.
I have to add though that I do not always update apps immediately... Meaning, I can't guarantee that I was on the current version of Locus at that time. (sorry)

So what I did first was to use a different app. There were no problems with location in that one.

Then I downloaded an older version of Locus free, trying to find out which is the last version that works. The newest old version I found on apkmirror is 3.37.2 which works (including correct altitude). I get a Gps fix within a few seconds. I know this is a quite old version. But I couldn't find a newer one.
After updating to 3.44.3 through the playstore, it stopped working too.

When I use a different app to force gps active in the background, Locus sort of has a location too. It knows the position but not accuracy or speed. It recognizes it more like a last know position.

What I also tried:
 - reinstalling Locus (multiple times)
 - deleting the Locus folder completely before reinstalling Locus
 - reset all app permissions systemwide through adb
 - cleared system cache

About my phone:
I have a Oneplus 3 with Android 10. Yes, this is a custom rom but I haven't changed anything in the last 4 months so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.
If I can get all the last releases of Locus somewhere, I'll go through all of them to find out with which release exactly it stops working. Is there some way to get these?

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