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Regarding the first questions: I tested it, but it doesn't help.

Google maps also dims. But it is by no means due to the GPS, otherwise LM 3 should not continue to shine super.

Incidentally, other GPS applications such as TwoNav or OZI remain fully bright.

It's all down to LM 4.
Ich habe selten genutzte Karten auf die externe SPEICHERKARTE ausgelagert.

Leider kann ich beim Kartenimport nicht auf diese Karte zugreifen.

Geht das nicht mehr?
I am attaching a photo of the phones from left to right Samsung S 8, S 10 +, S 21 Ultra and Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro to this post.

Even if the picture is not particularly good, you can see that the cheapest phone, namely the Xiaomi LM 4, is the best.
In the practical test I just carried out, you could at least see something on the S 8 and S 10 + (but you couldn't read the names of places, etc.) and the most expensive device, namely the S 21 Ultra, failed completely.

But the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro was able to inspire. Here you could always see the map very well, no matter how the sun was shining.

LM 3 is very recognizable on all devices.

Since, according to my Google research, other manufacturers apparently also dim their displays under incomprehensible conditions, there is hardly any future for LM 4 if nothing changes in terms of software.

Sure there will be other phones that do LM 4 well, but
for me the testing is now hopefully over and the decision is made: I'll stick with the LM 4 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro for the time being.

I have the S21 Ultra. You can use Locus 3 super on this device. Oddly enough, nothing is insulated there. Readability in full sun is very good.

It's all about Locus 4. Basically, LM 4 just adds the web. If you don't need that, the LM 3 is a good choice.

Locus 4 runs e.g. B. on the Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro in full brightness. Nothing is dimmed here and the size of the display corresponds to that of the S 22.
I would take part in the poll.

For me there is also the fact that I had the problem on the S 10 + about a year ago. Since I then bought the S 21 Ultra, my wife got the old S 10 +. Here I did a factory reset beforehand and did not reinstall Locus.

After Michael Bechthold reported that he was running S 10, I just installed LM 4 on the S 10 + yesterday, just for fun, and it worked (see my post).

Can it possibly be because LM 3 and LM 4 cannot be installed at the same time? That's the only difference from last year's test.

I will test my S 8 again later, once with both installations and once with a factory reset and then only LM 4.

If the S 21 really works for Para, why not for me???
Hello Michael Bechthold, thank you very much for your post of May 12, in which you say your S 10 does not dim. I couldn't believe this statement at first, so I rummaged through the relevant Samsung forums again.

There was actually often the statement that these problems do not exist with older devices such as the S 10.

So this afternoon I went on a bike ride in full sun for 2 hours using the S 10 +.

In fact, LM 4 did not get darker at any stage.

This obviously means that all devices that are younger than the S 10 series dim and are therefore not suitable for the use of LM 4.

I have therefore decided to stick with the S 10 +. This meets all my requirements (large and bright display, good battery life, SD card slot).
Quote from: michaelbechtold on May 13, 2022, 12:05:48
PS: hast Du andere privilegierte Apps (Admin Rechte), die da reinfunken könnten. Bzw. andersrum: hat Dein LM4 Admin Rechte?
We can continue our discussion in English (or switch to the German forum). It only mattered to me that we mean the same settings. This is not always clear in a translation.

But now a stupid question: Where can I see whether LM 4 has admin rights? Under the app info I had previously been "Change system settings - not allowed". But I also have this attitude with LM 3.
Quote from: michaelbechtold on May 12, 2022, 13:32:54
LM4, Android 12, Galaxy S10, Locus Always screen on, full sunn in my back: stays at full brightness as long as I want (Android shows the red sun icon)
Switching off the Always screen on in Locus will die the screen after short time.
Hallo, ich vermute nach Deinem Namen, dass Du aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum kommst. Daher schreibe ich hier auf deutsch, um mögliche Unklarheiten, die durch Übersetzungen entstehen könnten, zu vermeiden.

Ich verstehe Dich so, dass Du in Locus unter Einstellungen - Steuerung - Anzeige - Display immer an "immer" ausgewählt hast (oder meinst Du mit "Switching off/on the Always Screen in Locus" etwas anderes?). Wenn Du ansonsten keine anderen Einstellungen hast, kann ich mir das nicht vorstellen, denn auch ich habe diese Einstellung. Auch bei mir ist das rote Icon in Android immer vorhanden. Dennoch dunkelt Locus ab, allerdings stelle ich das Problem eher fest, wenn die Sonne von der Seite bzw. - ganz extrem - wenn sie von vorne kommt. Könntest Du das auch noch einmal überprüfen? Einen Vergleich zwischen LM 3 und LM 4 unter denselben Sonnenbedingungen hast Du auch gemacht?

Quote from: Andrew Heard on May 11, 2022, 09:13:38
Quote from: JackRussel on May 10, 2022, 15:46:03
Do you use the A520 and LM4 in bright sunshine ?
@JackRussel - that's my usual case - for cycling.

But did you really compare LM 3 and LM 4?

I just saw that A520 has Android 7.0??? The problem only occurs with Android 9 and higher!

Quote from: jajaballard on May 09, 2022, 12:34:50
I have no solution ,
but I can confirm this issue on my Samsung A52s.

Look to the question of JackRussel. I dont't believe, that you testet LM 3 and LM 4 in bright sunshine.
The comparison between LM 3 and LM 4 is important. Of course, this is the only way to see the weakness of LM 4.
Quote from: Viajero Perdido on May 09, 2022, 17:16:19
I've never seen this problem with my two Samsung tablets.  (I have no Samsung phones.)

I can't say about tablets. When I'm cycling or hiking, I only use my smartphone.

And here are the newer devices, I tested S 8 and up, see post, useless.
I guess I'll have to bury my hopes after further attempts over the weekend.

Since the developer apparently no longer tries to find the error, I can only say for myself that Samsung devices are unsuitable for LM 4 (or vice versa). Probably too few use the exotic make?????

Only LM 3 runs satisfactorily on these devices. I've pointed out before that it should be officially pointed out for the sake of fairness, but even that doesn't happen, too bad.
Has something changed about the brightness problems? Today I had the impression that it's not quite so blatant anymore.
Quote from: Pflichtfeld on March 03, 2022, 12:46:51
Herzlichen Dank nochmal!!

(Übrigens seltsam, dass die Zeitschrift Test, die unlängst Wander-Apps bewertet hat, Locus nicht mit dabei hatte. Ich hab die angeschrieben, Kommentar: Wir können halt nicht alles testen...)
Das habe ich auch getan, allerdings kam zu Recht die Antwort, dass nur Apps getestet wurden, die sowohl unter Android als auch iOS laufen. Locus läuft nun einmal nur unter Android.
 Thank you for the answer. I use a Samsung S 21 Ultra.