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I already received a bug report from @Jochen (thanks for this), so there definitely something that does not work. I'm going to wake up Petr and we will look at it  :).

... but definitely do not purchase anything (year subs) without a discount, this has to work correctly on our side!
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I have downloaded LM4, and even though I have logged in in both LM3 and LM4 with the same Google Account, I don't get an offer. I can pay full price, since I love the app, but I think I should inform you that the offer doesn't work for me. Maybe it's beacuse I must pay in NOK, and not EUR? The price for me is 255 Norwegian Kroner, which is 24 Eur.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
February 14, 2021, 12:08:43
You may be right  :)
For me in order to use it on PC, this web planner has to compete with brouter-web - hard task. E.g., web planner starts with a very zoomed out view... wheras in brouter-web I can save and share a track (and many properties) via the glorious URL "command line" system.

I mean like:,HikeBike.HillShading&lonlats=7.954102,51.363207;8.114777,51.333615;8.048172,51.293654;7.91153,51.271317;7.928696,51.337868&pois=7.925949,51.309112,Test&profile=hiking-beta
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Sorry, but I don't agree with @lor74cas. I choose Locus exactly because of its extra functionality, otherwise what would distinguish it from the many many other GPS apps out there. The default LM4beta on/offline routing for me works well "out of the box", and the additional/ advanced settings are quite well "tucked away" from the "average" user. Just my 2 cents worth. I do generally use a PC for route planning too, but I don't think that would be any different for any Android GPS app, powerful or simplistic.
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Hallo zusammen,

ich habe die Lösung nun gefunden.
Seit Android 11 ist der Zugriff auf /storage/emulated/0/android/ eingeschränkt. Mit lokalen File-Explorern wie zum Beispiel Solid-Explorer gibt es keinen Zugriff mehr. Die .rd5 files von Brouter lassen sich auf diesem weg nicht mehr manuell austauschen. Ein Editieren der Datei storageconfig.txt zum Umlenken des Pfads zu den .rd5-Files ist auch nicht möglich

Es gibt aber einen einfachen Workaround:
Der Zugriff auf den Pfad von einem PC aus (USB Verbindung Android<->PC) ist weiterhin möglich.
So können die .rd5-Files ausgetauscht-, oder die storageconfig.txt bearbeitet werden.

Beim umlenken der Pfade in der storageconfig.txt zum Beispiel auf /storage/emulated/0/segements4 muss der Brouter-App die Berechtigung "Dateizugriff" gewährt werden.

Hoffe das hier hilft dem Einen oder Anderen weiter.


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Often, you don't need something fancy - just some generic markers. Built-in, Locus only offers down arrows, crosses, dots (open and filled) and traingles in 4 colors. And low-res.
I took some time to make tons of icons in better resolution, different sizes and many colors. Please use the attached iconpacks freely (CC BY SA 3.0):

  • Arrows: Arrows in 8 directions (up, down, left, right and in-between), 4 sizes and 10 colors.
  • Dots & Crosses: Dots, Donuts (dots w/hole), crosses (X's) and some extras, in 3-4 sizes and ca. 17 colors.
  • Markers: Google-style balloon pins (with and w/o star), needles in 3 sizes, pushpins in 4 sizes, all in ca. 16 colors
  • Flags: All ISO country flags plus dependent territories and some subdivisions (like Scotland, Wales, etc.), but just as-is (no border or anything)
All packs apart from "Flags" have English and German sections and tooltips (long tap).

@Menion: Feel free to replace internal low-res icons. Also, please add to the store - free, of course. Thx!

Update: Now I did improve the flags, with continents as sections and tooltips, adding some missing ones. While they're also free to use, I would however not like to see them in the Locus store, because some descriptions may be politically, well, difficult (eg. Palestine).
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Quote from: GMDD on June 13, 2020, 09:56:33
Das heißt jetzt was?
Es gibt ein Menü mit zusätzlichen Einstellungen.

Freischalten über Locus starten und dann lange auf das Hamburger Menü (links oben) drücken.

Nutzung auf eigene Gefahr und für Expermentierfreudige.
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