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Thanks. I'm checking app source code and I see that only "color", "opacity" and  "width" are used. "pattern" and "dasharray" are currently not used.
thx for looking into this. Are there plans off integrating this? It would be very usefull for us.

Hello, not sure if this is currently supported.
Please share small sample track with this style and I'll test it and tell you, why this does not work.
Here the gpx content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="Locus Map, Android"
      <desc>File with points/tracks from Locus Map/3.39.4</desc>
<desc><![CDATA[<!-- desc_gen:start -->
<!-- desc_gen:end -->]]></desc>
            <gpx_style:dash mark="4" space="10"></gpx_style:dash>
<trkpt lat="50.920694" lon="4.954408">
<trkpt lat="50.927194" lon="4.951460">
<trkpt lat="50.927528" lon="4.951442">

I am trying to import gpx files with lines that have a pattern. Lines need to be dashed, defined in the gpx itself. I can't seem to get it to work. Map layout is not usable for me since i will generate the gpx from Mysql, with different line styles and colors defined in one gpx.
Can someone post an working example off the gpx content?
thx in advance

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