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Maps / Re: Kompass-Maps
May 21, 2023, 13:50:35
Thanks for the answer.
Maps / Re: Kompass-Maps
May 16, 2023, 13:36:10
I have a question, is there any news about the return of Kompass maps to the store?
These are exactly the maps I wrote about in the first post.  The map of the Compass Beskid Sądecki publishing house, which includes a large range of the Pieniny Mountains, in paper form it is a 1: 50,000 map (less detailed).  The map of the Compass Pieniny publishing house has more details, because it has a scale of 1: 25,000 in paper form.  The problem is that Locus has no display order feature, and no map hiding feature.  In my case, the map of the Pieniny Mountains with more details is displayed under the Beskid Sądecki map.  The situation is identical with the maps of the Tatras published by Compass, ie the Polish Tatras and the second map with a wider range of the Polish and Slovak Tatras.  However, the detail I have is similar and I don't care what is displayed.  Previously, I used the Kamap program, I also bought a lot of maps, but there I could set the display of one map.
Thank you for your answer.  Tried this option but no change.  The map is obscured with greater detail.
 I have 2 compass raster maps in a similar area of ​​Pieniny and Beskid Sadecki .  The map of the Pieniny Mountains is more detailed.  However, it is displayed under the Beskid Sądecki map.  I was looking for a solution on the forum and in the application how to change the display order or disable the Beskid Sądecki map from the application level.  I can only delete the map from the locus directory, but this is a primitive solution.  Maybe someone found a different, better way.