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Maps / Re: Question about Swisstopo maps
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:18:00 »
Thank you. Thats accurate enough.

Maps / Question about Swisstopo maps
« on: April 20, 2015, 15:01:29 »

before i start to buy and download chunks i would like to ask how many GByte the whole set is.

(GPS) Leitsystem


Quote from: "menion"
zoom part is used on some servers where you do not use zoom values from 0 to x (17 on OSM for example). Try to use you first example but only with

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it's simply math. Instead of z in zoomPart, put your numbers.
  So for min zoom you get
  {17} - 8 = 9
  for maxZoom you get
  {25} - 8 = 17

that's what you want right? Zooms from 9 to 17

Ok, this is working. Thanks a lot.

Although this is probably the wrong thread, i have two more questions.

1) Would it work with JPG tiles too ? I am allready down to 256 bit PNG, but i think JPG filesize would be even smaller then 8 bit PNG. I am asking, because my tile server is just for my family and me. My upstream bandwidth isnt that great ;)

2) In the preferences there is an option to double the size of the tiles. This is very nice. But would it be possible to add a 1.5 magnifier too ? Or even better, add magnifiers per zoom level like:



i have set up a server with tiles from 9 to 17. It works nice with MOBAC.

But not with Locus. The following works, but shows only 9 to 16. No 17

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The following doesnt work at all. According to my webservers log its requesting absolutely wrong tiles.

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I dont understand whatfor zoomPart is good for to be honest. I have to ask the stupid question.. what am i doing wrong ?

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