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Quote from: "menion"hi,
  seems like every phone has it's own orientation ... for this exist menu > settings > sensors > advanced settings and "Angle orientation modifiers ... where you can set for this 90° and this will fix this issue

Hi menion, Thanks! For some reason the value was set to 270 by default. When I set it back to zero the map orientates correctly now :)
Hi. I'm wondering if Locus is fully compatible with Galaxy Nexus/ICS? The compass in Locus seems to be off by about 90 degree counter-clockwise.

As you can see in the screenshot. I was standing still and facing exactly north (used compass in GPS Status to verify it), but Locus showed I was facing West (the map wasn't rotated and North is the top). When I opened Google Maps it showed correctly that I was facing North so I think the problem might be with Locus using hardware compass in Galaxy Nexus. Any idea?

Yes, I have calibrated the compass using Tools in GPS Status.

Are there any online sources to find jpg maps (from brochures for example)?
Quote from: "menion"hmm, is small toast window really such problem? This toast cannot be disabled by any settings, sorry. I didn't expect situation that anyone don't want to update app ...

Well, it won't be a problem if it doesn't come up every time I open the app. And regarding "not expecting a situation anyone doesn't want to update", well, you have said it yourself with the big red letters here that "If you don't want to have reduced downloading of Online maps, do not update!". So I'm sure you would expect some users not wanting to update.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind updating at all. I just gave you an example of situations where some users might not want to update. In reality, you have to understand that there are some users that don't want to update the app every time a new version is released (for whatever reasons). He or she may be perfectly happy with the functionalities and stability of the version he/she has. Seeing this pop up every time they open Locus is like being forced to update and, IMHO, I don't think it's right to do that to paid users :|

If you could make the option to disable this popup in future versions (or at least for paid users) then all is good. Please don't take this as a criticism, but rather a feature suggestion :)  As always, thanks for the great app!
So the information about version 1.14 says "If you don't want to have reduced downloading of Online maps, do not update!". Let's say I don't want to update and want to stick with version 1.13.x. But now every time I open Locus, I get a pop up notifying me there's a new version available. This is quite annoying. Is it possible to disable the auto-check for updates? I can't seem to find it in settings. Thanks.
Hi. The profile recording is very useful. However, is it possible to make the "Time between GPS locations" settings (in GPS settings) savable in the profiles? This would help saving the battery in the following situation:

I want to log my tracks (for geotagging photos) but there is some area that I'll be stationary for a long time. While in this area I want to continue logging tracks but with less frequency, so I switch my profile to "battery saving mode". In this mode, I want to be able to make the app disable GPS and only enable it when it's time to log track (every 15 mins for example).
Implemented / Re: Beep on GPS signal LOST
August 21, 2011, 01:40:29
Quote from: "menion"added ... check next version

Hi menion,  I just downloaded you newest pro version (v1.10.0) from the market. I think there's a bug in this version. I always enable the beep sound when the app gets the GPS fix. But now I'm hearing the beep sounds almost constantly. The reported accuracy seems to drop whenever I hear the beep sound. When I look at the live logcat, I seems that the beep sound will come whenever I see the following lines in logcat.

D/gps_leo (  704): gps_inject_location() is called
D/gps_leo (  704): latitude=xx.xxxx, longitude=xx.xxxx, accuracy=50.000000

I have gone back to my previous version (v1.9.7) and I now don't have such problem. It beeps on the first fix and stays quiet while having the fix, indicating that my GPS is locking the signal fine. Maybe you could have another look at the beep-related code?
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 07, 2011, 21:41:54
Quote from: "menion"exactly. But first step before adding points, press third button on new panel to active track compute ;) .. this is probably what you miss ...

Oh yes. Indeed that's what I missed!   Thank you menion and svartbjorn  :D
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 07, 2011, 20:30:19
Quote from: "menion"just use "Add new route" function that allow you to draw complex path between many points ...

Yep I know that, but then that is a manual method isn't it? What I mean is that, since you are trying out Cloudmade API to automatically calculate route from the current GPS position to a designated point, perhaps you could also add the option to select any starting point which might not be the current GPS position. Just a feature suggestion  :)
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 07, 2011, 15:27:27
Just try Cloudmade and it works great. Is it possible to set the starting point when computing the navigation path?  I understand that using Cloudmade service will require internet connection. But for example if I plan to go from point A to point B in another country X which I know I wan't have internet connection when I'm there. So I would need to be able to compute the route from A to B in advance and save it for offline use. I don't know how to do this at the moment. Thanks.
Quote from: "berkley"I was using bluetooth gps from Locus.
I am curious what bluetooth gps you are using? Is it good?
Ahh yes I can see that setting in Google My Tracks app. But my (personal) opinion is that you should let the user decide when to start a new part manually. So the user knows exactly when a new part is started. Or at least make two modes: auto split and manual split. Just my opinion though. Your app is great, by the way, especially with the vector map support. Now I can see the whole of Britain in small details with a map whose size is only 300MB! :D
Hi. I think you're right. It would make the app even more complicated. I didn't realize I can set the value in (2) to 0s. This should mean any new location is recorded (if distance to previous location is more than certain value set by user)? So now I can control how often the gps is activated and points are recorded at the same time by changing just the value in (1)  :mrgreen:  Will test this settings again when I go outside. Thanks!
Thanks for your explanation! So, new points are recorded at times:
t=20, 40, 60, 80, 100, ...
in other words, every 20s right?

Well you see, this number (20s) are not the same as 10s, 15s which are values set by a user in settings (1) and (2). This might cause a confusion to an average user who doesn't know how it works.

What I think is, and you could take this as a feature suggestion  :) , in track recording mode the gps should stay off and be turned on only when required to record a new point (in order to conserve the battery). This can be achieved by setting values in (1) and (2) to the same value (say k), so we know that every time the GPS is activated, a new point will be recorded and so the GPS is used effectively. But when I'm taking a break and standing still for a long time, I would want to set k to be bigger so that the GPS will be activated less often. But then I have to go to both settings (1) and (2) to change the values to the new k which is quite time consuming. Similarly if I'm moving quickly (in a car for example) I would want to change k to be smaller in order to have a detailed track.

So it would be nice if we can change the value k at just one place instead of two places in recording mode (and maybe put this setting in quick switch menu for easy switching). My suggestion would be to make the setting in (2) to override the setting in (1) in recording mode only. Then the user only has to change value in (2) to control how often the GPS is activated and record a new point.

Thanks  :)
I use Locus to record my tracks and I'm not sure how these two settings work together when recording a track:
(1) settings in GPS->Time between GPS locations
(2) settings inTrack recording -> Interval (seconds)

Let's say I set (i) to 10 seconds and (2) to 15 seconds. If I understand correctly:
- At time t=10s the gps is turned on and find a location then turned off.
- At time t=15s the track point should be recored but the gps is still turned off so no point is recorded.
- At time t=20s the gps is turned on again to find a location but no point is recorded.
- At time t=30s the gps is turned on, find a location and a point is recored since it's the scheduled time.

So a track point will be recorded every 30s ( =LCM(10,15)) right?

Is it possible to make the setting in (2) to overide the the setting in (1) in recording mode? In otherwords, when the scheduled time to record a point comes, the gps should be turned on to find a location and record a point then go to sleep until the next scheduled time to record a point again (regardless of the value in (1)).  This should make it easier to control the gap time in recording mode since there's only one value to set.

Sorry for the long post. I hope you understand what I mean.