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As I said I have bought some maps form locus shop. Using sqlite editor I have compared the table structure with rmaps created by MOBAC and found extra meta table with additional columns - BTW database structure is mostly the same instead of mentioned above meta table. The icon column was, what I was looking for ;D
Thank you for your answer. Adding description with linked map legend by creating file works for me, I can view it from map details screen.
Now I wonder about the map icon. Does it mean that If I will add to meta table manually an additional TEXT column called "icon" and insert there base64 encoded png icon it should be read correctly by Locus Map?
I can't find this column in rmap or mbtiles atlases created by MOBAC. Or there is another sqlitedb map format?

I have checked it by myself, locus map can read icon created in the way described above from RMAPS database format, not working for MBTILES file format.
I have some custom offline sqlitedb raster maps created with MOBAC (MBTILES and RMAPS). I want to add personalized icon appearing in locus map menu and description with linked map legend. Basing on my experience with maps I bought from locus shop (for example Crotian HGSS) it must be possible. Some of them have personalized icon and description with linked map legend. Basing on my research some maps have additional .info file including additional information and links in XML structure. Is it possible to use this file with custom offline maps. I can't find description of the offline map .info file anywhere. Adding map icon is possible also with custom online sources by giving the same name to png icon as map source name and putting it into map folder. It's not working with off-line maps.
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