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I'm doing a route I've imported off the internet (1500km) and I've cut the tail and head of the route (within Locus maps) as I only wanted to do the middle section. But the track info is wrong in that if I press and hold on any part of the route it's giving me the wrong distance from the start. I think its still got the old info from the unedited track. I'd not thought of this so is there any way I can correct this.
Okay good news got the screen on for turn notifications but couldn't hear any instructions but will try again tomorrow.

QuoteOnly what has disabled some time ago, is that when you have enabled the "Mute" button in the Locus Map navigation settings, the screen on/off will still work.
  • What exactly did you disable some time ago?
  • I have no mute button on the map screen. I've searched settings and the functions panel for mute and can't find it. You will need to be clearer as I don't understand what you are talking about, sorry

QuoteHmm it may be also checked by enabling and testing "gestures". Maybe it is even better check. Simply enable "Wave once" option and try it (cover proximity sensor by your palm for a sec).

Yes I might give this a try but I'm not a fan of gestures and prefer a double tap.
I've uninstalled Locus Classic & LM4 completely and just reinstalled LM4 after a reboot and now seem to be able to set LM4 to not sleep whereas before I couldn't, will this help I won't know till tomorrow.

Incidentally, should I allow LM4 to ascertain my precise location 'All the time' or 'Only when using the app'?

QuoteDo you hear any voices during the navigation? "Screen on" is connected to the voice navigation announcement.

@Menion I thought you'd disabled the need for this?!

If I can get LM4 to work with turn notifications then I'll have a look at using something like tasker or/and smart lock with a wearable device :)
Quote from: Die Batzen on September 06, 2022, 18:30:24@GusGF: this should be the thread you were referring to:

Yes went through it and still can't get screen on to work for turns  :'(
Quote from: Menion on September 06, 2022, 07:01:30Hmm hard to say. Turning the screen on should cause no problems because the app here uses existing Android methods, no hacks.

Do you hear any voices during the navigation? "Screen on" is connected to the voice navigation announcement.

I turned on voice nav and was hopeful as I set off this morning on my commute but no it didn't work screen remained blank and no voice. When I manually turned on during nav I could see the screen quickly update to my current position. This is so frustrating
Okay today I tried out Locus again on my commute and with the following options set I still cannot get LM4 to turn on the screen before a turn. This is a game changer for me and if I can't get it to work I'd be forced to use Komoot or OSMand+ both of which I previously have had no problem whatsoever getting turn notifications to work. I remember I posted about this a year or two ago and I simply can't find the thread now. I was using LM Classic and Menion, you did a code change from your end which fixed the issue, I think it had something to do with voice instructions.

Samsung Settings:
Notifications allowed
Allow background battery usage unrestricted
Allow this app to change system settings: currently disallowed

In LM4:
Controlling..display: Screen on/off control enabled
All 3 guidance/navigation options enabled

Currently LM4 is set much lower than my OS for putting the screen to sleep so it's in control. One thing I will check tomorrow is when I manually turn the screen on even though LM4 is running BUT is my current location correct or does it have to update.

I'm at loss as to what to try next?
Quote from: Menion on August 31, 2022, 20:43:29Hi,
this is unfortunately technical limitation in the app, we are unable to solve for many years. If the app uses own method to turn the screen off, it always enables the most secure keyguard so the user is forced to unload the device manually. If this is a problem to you, avoid using features where the Locus Map controls the screen on/off behavior.

That's mighty inconvenient when you are cycling and just want the screen on for upcoming turns but you also need to check for messages. I guess until you find a way of doing it the best approach is a less secure easier to use screen lock with the biometric.
In Locus maps and screen times out:
present fingerprint Locus opens and additionally I can access the home screen
double tap screen Locus opens and fingerprint reqd to access home screen
turn on via power button Locus opens and fingerprint reqd to access home screen

Press power button Locus reopens
Press power button Locus opens, fingerprint reqd to access home screen
double tap screen Locus opens, fingerprint reqd to access home screen

Using the screen off function in the side panel forces a pin unlock :(  Is this really necessary

Using double tap I'm back into Locus maps
Using the phones power button I'm back into Locus maps again
But to get to the home screen I've got to pin unlock, no option for fingerprint given :(

I would usually esp during navigation be using Locus to power down my device i.e. save power after turn notifications. So Locus how about allowing me to get to my home screen just using my fingerprint? Struggling to input a pin code in possibly bright sunlight on the road/track is a major PITA, very frustrating.

The only option relating to unlocking was in the display settings 'Unlock the screen'.
I think it's best I open a new thread about unlocking as this is not a small issue. thanks
Yes all of those settings I'm aware of, thanks.

I'd really like to disable the pin unlock which is forced on me every time I try to use other functions of the phone. Fingerprint unlock is enough surely.
Upgraded to the all new Locus 4 in the last few weeks and used it today. I'd planned a route in the Locus Web app and imported it to Locus on my mobile. When I tried to use the planned route using 'Navigation' (not 'Guidance') it failed to alert me of turns, no voice, no screen on grrr! >:( ! In Settings..Controlling..Display..Screen on/off control and under 'Guidance/Navigation' I've got all 3 options ticked. I had to turn the screen on manually, and when I did, I could hear the voice commands.

In Samsung settings under device care/battery settings, I've checked in the lists for sleeping, deep sleeping & never sleeping apps and Locus appears in none! Why is this??

When I got home I checked the battery settings and to my dismay, it had been set to 'optimised' so I've now changed it to 'unrestricted'. Could this be the source of my problem with turn notifications NEVER turning the screen on. I must admit I find it odd that some didn't sneak through regardless ???

In app settings, there is an option called 'Change system settings'. Should this be enabled and if so why?

Locus is set as a device admin app which seems to allow it to lock the screen. I don't really want it locking my screen if it doesn't allow me to continue with fingerprint unlocking. Having to type the pin unlock code is a major PITA. How do I stop the pin request from being forced on me after I exit Locus maps or if I want to use other apps while Locus is running? I would prefer fingerprint unlock at all times!!
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 20, 2021, 16:54:48
Quote from: Menion on September 20, 2021, 15:25:28
the version will be published at the end of this week, maybe next week, depends ...
Anyway, you may already try a Beta version. The link to download is in my signature.

Thank you  :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 18, 2021, 21:34:42
Quote from: Menion on September 14, 2021, 07:40:05
So I've just updated this system and in the next version, the screen on/off should work also in case, no voice is selected, thanks.

Any idea when this will be integrated so I can download it?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 14, 2021, 18:14:32
Thank you some excellent suggestions there  :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 14, 2021, 15:57:32
QuoteAnd even more very nice features are o so deeply hidden into this app. Some of the most very useful tools by config.cfg (imo) are not presented  by their most favorable default settings and so mostly are still unknown secrets. Sin.

No sound no screen on in the  DE forum was reported and was solvable by using the attached voice mute. Hardly anyone noticed this user solution anyway.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Mi A2 Lite met Tapatalk

Have seen the odd mention of a config.cfg file. I imagine this would have to be edited on the PC then sideloaded. Was there any supporting documentation with this?

That did occur to me yesterday about having a muted voice option but as far as I know this couldn't be selected or just didn't exist.