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Live tracking / Re: web page
« on: Today at 16:59:58 »
Hello guys,
I would like to address most of the issues or suggestions you have mentioned here.

A common thing mentioned by all of you has been a wasted space on the top of mobile web page. This is a valid suggestion and we will talk with the web page designer about this and about improving the mobile UI experience generally.

As for mentioned control of the time the user is visible on the map - we have just added this functionality. It can be set by the owner of the group in the group settings globally for the whole group. Public group session time remained to be set to 10 minutes. Also some indication of how fresh the position is mentioned by lor74cas is also something we think would be useful, but is not implemented yet.

Thank you for noticing that user data do not seem to be update at all in the recent version, that is definitely a bug.
Adding some other user data including battery is a good idea, we would probably also need some sensible way of showing the data values if their number increases, definitely something to think about.

Live chat is currently not available through web interface, it is something we would like to implement some time later.
GPX is currently not generated by the live tracking server but we would like to have some kind of online track recording feature or maybe integrate track recording and live tracking together somehow to be able to share live tracking track.
For POIs, hints, comments etc. the Live chat should be used, but this option is currently missing from the web interface as stated previously.
Automatic zooming to the user after they are selected is really weird at the moment, you have described it quite precisely as fighting against the web interface. We will talk with the web designer to disable this zooming function completely and leave only centering to the user's position enabled.
Also regarding your problems of users not showing on the map, there were actually two possible causes of this. First there was a bug, which led to the positions not showing when the group user (session) timeout was set to indefinite, but that should be fixed since yesterday. Secondly there is a problem if the user icon's URL is invalid and then it does not show on the map. This still needs to be fixed. In the meantime try refreshing your avatar in Live Tracking profile or selecting one of the Locus Icons instead, which should work correctly.

@Andrew Heard
Thank you for the suggestions, most of the are good tips but we will focus on more pressing UX issues, as the web page obviously needs an update after the first release.
As for the user counts in the group/cluster not adding up; I think that the number was actually correct but some of the people had incorectly set icon URL (we had some issues with Google changing avatar URLs recently) and so one of the people was invisible when zoomed in to show the icon. We will try to fix the issue.
As for supported date/time format - the web should be using default for your device's locale. There should be no need to set it anywhere. Is format MM/DD/YYYY unusual for your locale? Other units are displayed using metric system only at the moment, which might also be confusing for some people unfortunately.

Anyway thank all of you for all the suggestions and feedback, it really helps us to pinpoint potential problems of lacking features of the new interface.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: March 19, 2019, 08:54:06 »
@Peter Jurík
Hello, at the moment we are not planning on adding stand-alone functionality for Wear OS platfrom.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Locus Waer available Data fields to display
« on: February 12, 2019, 13:32:21 »
currently the Locus Map Watch add-on for Wear OS requires connection to the phone running Locus Map (all the data are evaluated and recorded there).

Supported values and statistics that can be shown by the add-on are:
- Track time & distance
- Speed - current, average, max
- Elevation uphill/downhill
- Distance uphill/downhill
- Altitude current, min, max
- Heart rate current, average, max
- Energy
- Cadence average, max
- Pace
- Watch battery & current time

Slope is currently not implemented, but could be added in the future. Heart rate has been reported as a bit buggy for some users if captured directly by the watch itself. External HR sensors like chest-strap should be fine.

Also as an another suggestion, you could possibly consider getting another second-hand or cheap Android phone just to use as a Bike Computer? We are currently working on ways to synchronize two or more instances of Locus Map running on multiple devices (will require Internet connection though), so that could make using LM on two phones more usable in the future.

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Jak rozchodit Live Tracking?
« on: February 08, 2019, 13:26:36 »
Dobrý den,
Vaše verze už je opravdu poměrně zastaralá. Od té doby došlo k nějakým změnám v oblasti přihlašování a průběžně se také vyvíjí i naše webové služby. Snažíme se samozřejmě neustále o zpětnou kompatibilitu, ale možná se tam postupně, obzvlášť v kombinace s přihlášením přes FB mohla vloudit nějaká chybička.
Testoval jsem to teď radši pro jistotu s nejnovější verzí a přihlášení přes FB by mělo normálně fungovat, i když vyžaduje ještě potvrzení registrace přes odkaz, který byste měl obdržet na email.
Bohužel Vám tedy nemohu poradit, kde přesně by mohla být chyba, ale obávám se, že takto zpětně se starší verzí Locus Map by se nám problém stejně nepodařilo vyřešit.
Za problémy se omlouvám a ještě jednou prosím o vyzkoušení novější verze Locus Map, problém to pravděpodobně vyřeší. Můžete to také zkusit obejít přihlášením přes email místo FB, pokud jste tuto možnost ještě nezkoušel.

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Jak rozchodit Live Tracking?
« on: February 08, 2019, 12:03:46 »
@Bobo Lobo
Dobrý den,
můžete prosím aktualizovat Locus Map na poslední verzi 3.36.2 a ještě jednou vyzkoušet, jestli problém přetrvává?

Děkuji, s pozdravem
Milan Cejnar

GPS data are currently taken solely from the phone since the app cannot work in stand-alone mode anyway.
You are right that the same zoom factor might be unsuitable for both the watch and the phone depending on your preset/usage. To be honest we still have to debug some issue in map rendering core because some overlay icons and symbols are a bit off by a various factor depending on DPI screen ratio of the watch versus the phone. So maybe the zoom factor will not be such an issue once we fix these little problems. But even so, it is a valid point and could be useful, thank you for noticing this :)

@joart @slarti76
thank you for the information and the feedback about how you are using or would like to use your watch and the app. I will keep these improvement tips in mind.

@slarti76 Hello,
thank you for your interest in the Locus Map Watch add-on for Samsung and interesting questions.

- The Wear OS and Tizen add-ons are very similar, almost identical in fact. There are some changes to the UI layout and in the Tizen add-on it is not currently possible to name custom waypoint during track recording (default naming is used). The main difference now is probably a missing HR sensor support, which should basically work in Wear OS, but at the moment there is no support to synchronize HR data from Samsung watch to Locus Map during track recording. This is something we would like to add rather sooner than later but we haven't really explored this function yet.

- You should see roughly the same rendered map as on the phone, but as you say, the image is pretty much static, there is currently no way to interact with any map items.

- Pairing your watch with different phone pretty much equals factory reset so it is not something you would probably normally do everyday. But otherwise it is perfectly possible and there should be no problem.

Best regards

Locus Map Watch / Re: Locus at wrist
« on: January 23, 2019, 14:25:19 »
@sbouju Hello,
we have had already some users with Android OS on their watch trying out the standard Locus Map and from what I could gather, the usability and user experience on the round display was pretty poor, even though the resolution was probably lower.
Improved usability on the Android OS devices with round displays would probably require not exactly trivial UI changes and it is not currently planned.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Watch sensors
« on: January 23, 2019, 14:21:38 »
Hello Igor,
at the moment the watch sensors (with the exception of HR sensor synchronization support in Wear OS) are not used in either Wear OS or Samsung Gear/Galaxy Watch. The map autorotation is always computed strictly using phone's change in GPS location (or this is at least the intended behaviour, there has been actually a bug in this behaviour and the fix is waiting to be released in the next Locus Map).
I might try to experiment with map auto-rotation directly on the Wear OS watch using the watch sensors but I cannot yet confirm if this is something that will be usable and thus something we would want to add to the add-on.

the original beta is indeed closed, please install Locus Map Pro Watch add-on normally through Galaxy Apps on your watch.
I also recommend clearing cache of Samsung Accessory Service on your phone with LM Pro add-on.

@big Hi,
yes there is actually. If you see any communication warning right from the start and the watch seems to be connected properly otherwise, then you can try to either

1) Reinstall Locus Map on your phone or
2) On your phone go to system Settings > Applications > Samsung Accessory Service and clear the data&cache for this Samsung application.

I recommend to run Galaxy Wearable application after attempting the second method to make sure the watch got reconnected properly after clearing the data of Samsung Accessory Service app.

Regarding the map in the track recording dashboard, the map has actually already been a part of the track recording dashboard in the very first prototype. But we made the screen separate so that the swipe/rotate input could be used to zoom and pan. I could add the map to the dashboard with software zoom buttons and disabled panning and would not distrupt the dashboard control but I fear it might be confusing to have two map displays with a different behaviour.

Hello guys,
thank you for all your feedback.
The issue with the connection is weird, but I am glad that reinstalling Locus Map has helped, even though I see how this can be very incovenient.
After that I am glad to hear that the connection is pretty stable. The next thing I will focus on is probably the map not updating fast enough after the display is shown, as I have also seen this couple of times.

For everyone - if you encounter any Locus Map crash especially with the new version or new functionality it would help us immensely if you could capture and then send an Android bug report to us after such event.

@robuk Hi,
thank you for helpful input and for the confirmation of the "Please initialize ..." bug! I could not unfortunately reproduce it with Galaxy S7 and Gear S2. I am on vacation right now so I will try to dig around some more after New Year.

@SmiCH Hello,
there is nothing to set up really. The versions of LM and the add-on that you use should communicate correctly. The message you see should only be displayed when the user tries to use the add-on without running LM on the phone even once (there is some one-time initialization that needs to be done by M during the first start after the installation).
Can you confirm that both LM Pro and Free is starting correctly after the update? And that the watch is communicating normally except the LM add-on? Which watch are you using to run the add-on?
Thank you

P.S. Oh I have just noticed there might be a bug (at least on my Gear S2) and that message might appear for a while when you start the add-on, but it should really disapper in a second or two if the communication is allright.

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