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@slarti76 Hello,
thank you for your interest in the Locus Map Watch add-on for Samsung and interesting questions.

- The Wear OS and Tizen add-ons are very similar, almost identical in fact. There are some changes to the UI layout and in the Tizen add-on it is not currently possible to name custom waypoint during track recording (default naming is used). The main difference now is probably a missing HR sensor support, which should basically work in Wear OS, but at the moment there is no support to synchronize HR data from Samsung watch to Locus Map during track recording. This is something we would like to add rather sooner than later but we haven't really explored this function yet.

- You should see roughly the same rendered map as on the phone, but as you say, the image is pretty much static, there is currently no way to interact with any map items.

- Pairing your watch with different phone pretty much equals factory reset so it is not something you would probably normally do everyday. But otherwise it is perfectly possible and there should be no problem.

Best regards

Locus Map Watch / Re: Locus at wrist
« on: Yesterday at 14:25:19 »
@sbouju Hello,
we have had already some users with Android OS on their watch trying out the standard Locus Map and from what I could gather, the usability and user experience on the round display was pretty poor, even though the resolution was probably lower.
Improved usability on the Android OS devices with round displays would probably require not exactly trivial UI changes and it is not currently planned.

Locus Map Watch / Re: Watch sensors
« on: Yesterday at 14:21:38 »
Hello Igor,
at the moment the watch sensors (with the exception of HR sensor synchronization support in Wear OS) are not used in either Wear OS or Samsung Gear/Galaxy Watch. The map autorotation is always computed strictly using phone's change in GPS location (or this is at least the intended behaviour, there has been actually a bug in this behaviour and the fix is waiting to be released in the next Locus Map).
I might try to experiment with map auto-rotation directly on the Wear OS watch using the watch sensors but I cannot yet confirm if this is something that will be usable and thus something we would want to add to the add-on.

the original beta is indeed closed, please install Locus Map Pro Watch add-on normally through Galaxy Apps on your watch.
I also recommend clearing cache of Samsung Accessory Service on your phone with LM Pro add-on.

@big Hi,
yes there is actually. If you see any communication warning right from the start and the watch seems to be connected properly otherwise, then you can try to either

1) Reinstall Locus Map on your phone or
2) On your phone go to system Settings > Applications > Samsung Accessory Service and clear the data&cache for this Samsung application.

I recommend to run Galaxy Wearable application after attempting the second method to make sure the watch got reconnected properly after clearing the data of Samsung Accessory Service app.

Regarding the map in the track recording dashboard, the map has actually already been a part of the track recording dashboard in the very first prototype. But we made the screen separate so that the swipe/rotate input could be used to zoom and pan. I could add the map to the dashboard with software zoom buttons and disabled panning and would not distrupt the dashboard control but I fear it might be confusing to have two map displays with a different behaviour.

Hello guys,
thank you for all your feedback.
The issue with the connection is weird, but I am glad that reinstalling Locus Map has helped, even though I see how this can be very incovenient.
After that I am glad to hear that the connection is pretty stable. The next thing I will focus on is probably the map not updating fast enough after the display is shown, as I have also seen this couple of times.

For everyone - if you encounter any Locus Map crash especially with the new version or new functionality it would help us immensely if you could capture and then send an Android bug report to us after such event.

@robuk Hi,
thank you for helpful input and for the confirmation of the "Please initialize ..." bug! I could not unfortunately reproduce it with Galaxy S7 and Gear S2. I am on vacation right now so I will try to dig around some more after New Year.

@SmiCH Hello,
there is nothing to set up really. The versions of LM and the add-on that you use should communicate correctly. The message you see should only be displayed when the user tries to use the add-on without running LM on the phone even once (there is some one-time initialization that needs to be done by M during the first start after the installation).
Can you confirm that both LM Pro and Free is starting correctly after the update? And that the watch is communicating normally except the LM add-on? Which watch are you using to run the add-on?
Thank you

P.S. Oh I have just noticed there might be a bug (at least on my Gear S2) and that message might appear for a while when you start the add-on, but it should really disapper in a second or two if the communication is allright.

I just wanted to let you know that the closed beta will stop working with Locus Map Pro afte the today's update.
I will probably release a new beta version targeting LM Pro because I expect that most of the testers are using LM Pro and not the free version.
Anyway sorry for the delays, I am kind of swamped now right before the holidays with some higher priority work that I need to attend to instead of the add-on.

By the way have you tried the add-on lately with the latest versions of Locus Map? The add-on should be able to connect to the phone practically any time now and the notification (foreground service) should appear in the Phone's notification area with the information that the watch is using Locus Map.

Best Regards

Hello Testi,
thank you for the feedback! There is a serious communication bug in this beta but it is manifested only when the phones screen is off for some time, so you might not have noticed it yet. This should be fixed in the next Locus Map version.
Regarding the map and track recording switching - could you please describe what exactly is the issue or what you would like to improve? Do you miss quicker possibility how to switch between map and track recording screens? Or would you like map view to be part of the track recording dashboard?
Otherwise you can switch between track recording and the map freely, the track recording is running in the phone so you can even exit the watch application and it has no effect on track recording until you explicitly stop the recording using the watch again or your phone directly.

Hello @JohnCNA @3am
thank you very much for the thorough testing. As I feared you have confirmed the connection issue on Galaxy phones when the screen is turned off. This issue and GUI issues on Gear S2 will now be a priority to solve.

As for other feedback
- map icons/cursor too big: Yes I also have that feeling, Menion and I will try to tweak the sizes so the map looks more optimzed for the watch screen

- compass screen: would be nice, won't probably be in the first version though

- widgets for the app: Also nice idea. Probably not usable for the map, but the compass could work very well. I will research the widget possibilities later.

- laggy map: well the map should refresh only once every 5 seconds if it is not being interacted with in any way. Of course when the map screen wakes up or is shown it should feed the data immediately (at least "Loading" or "Initializing" label should show up in the center). We will try to tweak it more, maybe the issues are caused by the unreliable connection issues.

- watchface shown instead of Locus Map on watch wake up: There is a logic in the app that Locus Map app should show automatically when the watchface shows up if the app was not closed explicitly by the HW back/home button. If this does not work then there might be some bug. Of course other application with the similar logic can force its way up to the top but you should not see watchface only.

The add-on will be targeted for the Locus Map Free first because of Locus Map Free Beta versions which we can release more easily and more often than standard Locus Map Pro version. Of course we will want to also support the Pro users as soon as possible (when the add-on is stable enough).

this thread is for general feedback and testing of new versions of Locus Map Watch add-on for Samsung Gear and Galaxy Watch.

Currently only closed beta version for registered users is available and is distributed only using Galaxy Apps (on both phone and the watch because of Samsung limitations). Registered users should be able to install and transfer the add-on to their watch by opening this link directly on their phone (Galaxy Apps should capture the link and open add-ons store page)

The closed beta version should communicate with the latest Locus Map Free or Pro versions directly. When the official "public/open" beta comes out it will be only available for Locus Map Free (again due to some Samsung companion app policies, we will probably have to make separate Locus Map Pro Gear add-on even though both add-on versions will be practically identical).

The add-on requires Locus Map phone app to run, it is not (at least yet) stand-alone.

There are two main screens available:
- Map screen: features zoomable and scrollable map with autocenter/rotate function button.

- Track recording screen: Offers function to select one of your tracking profiles and start the track recording. Then there is multi-page dashboard when the recording is active. You can pause/resume/stop the recording or add waypoint. Dashboard values are configurable by long-pressing them directly and choosing a value from the displayed option list.

Not yet available features:
- navigation directions: partially implemented but not available. Navigation directions will be available directly on top of the map as an overlay when the navigation is active.
- heart rate measurement: something we would like to add, but the implementation has not even started yet.

Known (serious) bugs:
- screens might not display correctly or at all on Gear S2 (seems to be mostly the case right after installing the add-on. On second or third run the things seem to sort out themselves for some reason)

- the add-on refuses to connect to the phone if the phone is in "sleep"(i.e. has had the screen turned off for a while). Just turning on the phone screen makes the add-on suddenly reconnect. Confirmed with Samsung S7 (Android 8) and Gear S3 - if you are also affected by this problem please let me know.

I don't have access to the latest Galaxy Watch so any kind feedback from that watch would be helpful.

Please share with me any bugs, crashes or any other feedback which would help me improve the app for you.

Thanks a lot and hope you will enjoy :)


Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: October 18, 2018, 16:04:05 »
@sbouju Hi,
Wear OS and Android are practically identical and share a lot of APIs, but generally the answer is no because the Wear OS part is also using some features and components that are not present in normal Android. Significant parts of the code from the add-on could be reused to make such "slave" add-on for normal Android but it is unfortunately not that trivial and the Wear add-on cannot be installed to Android OS as is.
The Wear for Locus Map add-on's code is open-sourced so anyone could try to hack the existing code and port it to make a new Android add-on. But neither Menion nor I plan to make such an add-on in any foreseeable future unfortunately.

Btw. I am curious what your use case would be - could you please send me a PM? :) Is it because of Android OS watch or for some other reason?

Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: October 12, 2018, 22:32:39 »
@Danjel Rojka
Hello, sorry I have forgotten to answer your last question. Dashboard presets depending on the selected track recording profile is a good idea and it could be really useful. It is not planned at the moment (I will be focusing mainly on communication issues in the next update) but some time later I think this could be doable.
Dashboard configuration without (i.e. before) active track recording would be a nice to have feature but I think it is not exactly a deal breaker. I will definitely keep this in mind though.

Anyway, for you all guys, there is a new 1.1.7 version for the watch (phone version remained at 1.1.6). There are only minor fixes i.e. there was a problem with opening the menu on some older watches and some crashes or weird behavior during track recording start. I also added "wake lock" to the track recording service on the watch so now the service should really be running in the background reliably but it will not probably solve issues with HRM caused by communication problems.
So maybe just try the new version out and see if it helped in any way or if it is the same. Any other feedback or reports of problems are also very welcome :)

Also sorry that there is once again kind of less activity with the Wear add-on but I am pretty busy with writing a new Locus add-on for Samsung Gear/Galaxy Watch at the moment. We are hoping that we will be able to unify parts of the Gear and Wear add-ons later so both add-ons could benefit from the development.

Have a nice weekend!

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 11, 2018, 08:37:08 »
Hello Gynta,
thank you for spotting the issue with LT statusbar, looks really odd. I will be fixing this promptly.

Have a nice day,

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