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Quote from: karlchick on September 14, 2023, 09:35:57Hi luxacalor,

I guess you mean the the screenshots of my latest draft of the lomap/oam v4 map theme.

It is pretty close to release now, just working on the pdf legends and final few fixes to the theme.

Hello karlchick,
Yes I was talking about the draft screenshots. Looking forward to the release!
Quote from: karlchick on April 08, 2023, 19:52:52But I have recently been improving the OS theme especially with some of the OAM map requests Christian implemented for me, and then along comes v4 LoMap maps, so exciting!

Hi, the screenshots of the theme you posted in another thread look fantastic.  Did you release it somewhere?
QuoteI'm also not sure about automatic hiding of empty bottom panel

At least let this option be for those who don't want to use the bottom panel. :) Thanks
While track recording
- the green rec badge gets lost on the green background.
- bottom recording panel does not appear
Quote from: menion on December 29, 2019, 22:48:52

- completely hide the right panel, why? Maybe even hiding of bottom panel is not necessary.
- order of items > hmm, my imagination was that buttons "flow" from the main menu to the right and then up.

- it is useful to be able to hide the panel without removing everything from it. My example - when going on multiday kayak trips I use only top panel with essential functions on the water to keep the screen uncluttered, and then off kayak scouting new places I use functions from the side panel (adding points, notes etc). I have it in auto-hide now, but that would be great to hide it completely, and than unhide on location (to not clutter the screen on the water for multiple days). Same for the bottom panel now. İf the design stays like lt is now, I will probably use right panel as my main panel and bottom as auxiliary one.

- order of items - I've always saw the panels as separate entities. And it is definetely more convinient if the order is as it is on the actual panel. Also, in the panel edit screen the Bottom panel should probably be at the bottom :)
Quote from: menion on December 29, 2019, 21:53:22

- auto-hide option always grayed > do not understand, sorry
- added: option to set bottom panel also to "hidden", to have "RIght panel only" solution complete ;)

- balloni probably means that in Panels&Buttons screen at the bottom the auto-hide and time out options are greyed out and uneditable
- option to completely hide the right panel would be nice too
- it also seems to be more intuitive if the order of buttons for the right panel in the panels edit screen would be the same as it appears on the panel itself, not reversed.
Quote from: menion on December 29, 2019, 09:03:01
- the right panel as small circle buttons > ah, no sorry :). My graphical feeling has big problem with this idea.

The panel design is nice, but with this new interface it makes a lot of sense to have the panel at the left side. I tried alpha on a bigger screen and phone in my left hand - and yes, the placement of map center button starts to make sense, but the right panel is then difficult to reach. So, it seems, the panel on the side of menu and map center button plus option to mirror the interface for right handed use would make sense. It would also look aesthetically better that way, in my opinion.

Also the way the map center button drops and aligns with hamburger menu when the bottom panel gets hidden seems a bit akward. Bu that's me nitpicking. :)

The small glitch with fifth icon going under the map center button is still there even on bigger screen phone.
Quote from: freischneider on December 29, 2019, 11:08:32
But you show a wide colored ring on the centering button. So you always have the GPS status in view and do not have to put it in the sidebar (save space).
Now all that is missing is access to the "GPS / Compass screen". A long tap brings up the selection, hold GPS. There could also be a button here for access "GPS / Compass screen"

This would be nice! 👍
Quote from: michaelbechtold on December 28, 2019, 21:27:00
I think your approach, luxcalor, and my proposal are not mutually exclusive, but rather could be combined.
Both support scenarios that the other one does not.

Absolutely 👌
Quote from: michaelbechtold on December 28, 2019, 11:43:51
This whole complexity thing is unsolvable - in principle.
how to GET to the fancy features ??

The concept of an android phone launcher works great, I feel. You have the basic desktop with essential functions like phone, messages, calculator, etc, which would be map, positioning, navigation and track recording in terms of Locus. And then you have the app drawer with all the bells and whistles, which is menu in Locus. If we think of functions as apps, which could be put on the desktop the way users need them or want them, then it becomes easier.
That is the power of locus for me - well thought out functions that I can easily make accessible from the map screen and then put under the hood everything I don't currently need.

One way to simplify the menu is to place functions as icons in the grid, as done in the new menu before you tap "more fuctions".

There also could be a short description of what each function does in the menu. On long tap, or under the icon and title.

"Did you know?" kind of notifications with function descriptions and smart tips while setting up tasks is another way to educate out of the basic use scenarios.

Search bar on top of the menu, where notification center is now, would be great for those who already know what to look for.

Drag and drop of functions directly from menu to the map screen would also make things more intuitive. Current panel management is ok, but not exactly straightforward.
Wow, this is great!

Used the Locus 4 alpha version today, and those are the things that came to my mind:

- GPS in Map center button. Crosshair is brown when searching for signal.  Crosshair turns green if GPS is locked. Long tap brings options to hold map center, turn off gps, go to GPS/compass screen. Would make all the location functions/indication in one place and accessible.
- Integrate Map center button into Bottom panel (lower it), OR, even better, move it outside the panel and to the left/right (a la gmaps). Too much screen space is wasted now and is akward to use. Also when adding more than 4 icons to the bottom panel the fifth one appears outside the panel and under the location button, which is not nice.
- Slide up bottom pannel to access menu (similar to gmaps, app drawer in android). Intuitive. :)
- Right pannel realized in a way of small round floating buttons, the same as Map content button, with each function in its separate button. Would make the interface much more elegant, modular, light, tapable and consistent with the circular theme. Will add possibility to elegantly add functions to the left too, on top of the Map content button. Will add possibility to make each function a button with different states (on/off/color/etc), would be amazing for the track rec button, for example (make it red while rec).
- Make Map content button blue, it's a Locus design trade mark in a way :), looks nice and everyone is used to ıt (i guess).
- Opacity (opaque) slider for the Overlays layer directly on the main map screen. İndispensable when overlaying satellite maps, comparing different maps, or anything layer wise, really. Currently, when adjusting this setting the Map content and overlays menus are always in the way, so the map is not even visible.
- possibility to add a point directly from an address popup screen/menu (long tap on any place on the map).

I am really liking this design language so far! Will test more.

All the best to you Locus Dream Team
Hi ta-ka,

Thanks for your reply at the help center.

What I want to do is to import my custom icon pack into Locus and have the icons sorted by categories. I have a .zip file with folders as categories.

I am not a programmer actually, so I didn't understand how your packer works. How can I generate a locus compatible .zip file with the correct info.xml using it?