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Yes - if I add an attachment (i.e. the same photo) then delete the old attachment, it works as designed. So it must be a changed path. Shame, a lot of work now to put them all back.
I've searched here but can't see anyone with this issue.
Not sure when this started - version-wise. I am running v3.41.0
When I try to view a photo attachment of a point, that I took, the .jpg file is listed but when I tap it, I get the orange box message 'No apps available' at the bottom of the screen.
I have made sure Gallery is the default app for .jpg files. I've restarted the phone (to make sure). I cannot see where, in Locus, I set the default app for photos/jpg files (If there is such a setting)
The thumbnail is visible on the map and on the Points BASIC INFO tab but the thumbnail icon under "PHOTOS" is a grey generic icon. The filename is correct. The path where the actual photo is stored is /SD Card/DCIM/Camera but Locus only shows the filename.
Is there a setting I need to adjust?
OK I was finally able to grab a screen shot of a couple of attempts recently

You have to be fast and well timed to grab these shots because they disappear straight away.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Default set up - one click?
September 18, 2018, 08:49:59
Thanks - these options get me closer
Troubles & Questions / Default set up - one click?
September 18, 2018, 04:59:35
I use locus the same way very often (most often). This is the setup/clicks
1. double tap for options
2. click rotate
3. click rotate again from popup
4. click locate
5. click +/- to get close to my desired zoom
6. click lock
7. click Lock the Zoom - this always moves the zoom away from the previous zoom, so
8. several (sometimes) clicks to re-adjust the zoom to my previous choice
9. sometimes the zoom does not actually zoom the map (vector zoom) it jumps into a raster view and I have to go in and out to get back the proper clarity.
10. click record
11. click dashboard (because it often seems to just disappear and not stay on)

In all it takes about 15 clicks or more to get my screen the way I want it.
Is there a way to get all this done in one click by setting default a view? Or at least a good part of it?
Troubles & Questions / Navigation - 'null description'
September 18, 2018, 04:51:16
I use BRouter because I am offline a lot. But even when I am on a main road, I often get a navigation failure with the error as an orange box with 'null description' and a number under it. I try over and over with no change. The nav fails to provide a route. If I move one some way and try again, it can work. Why do I get this error and how do I avoid it?
OK - further testing and I can at least confirm that switching strict OFF makes a big difference in functionality. I can start to rely on Locus again. Thanks
Navigation on Tracks works
Navigation on Destination Points works
Guidance on tracks works - deviation from track alerts work
No undue re-calculation delay
POI alerts work
Where can I see the list of general advices?
How does this problem manifest itself? (with the strict stting ON)
I have locus 3.28.1
So I turn Strict OFF? in the Advanced settings for both Guidance and Navigation?
Do not use them in both?
When I have auto-recalc ON and use BRouter (offline) (but it's the same with GraphHopper or MapQuest etc)
I select a point and Navigate to, the route is calculated... and hear the 'Let's Go'
but then the sequenc eof events is:
1. 100-200m later, the ? question mark comes up and locus beeps.
2. Several seconds later, the voice says "track has been re-calculated" and gives me a nav instruction.
3. 100-200m later, the ? question mark comes up and locus beeps...
this repeats all the way along the track...

What is causing this? How do I let it just sit on the track (unless I move off it). Is there a setting to avoid this?

It doesn't matter if I choose point of route priority - it's the same result.

If I set auto-re-calc to OFF, then the ? question mark comes up and never gets refreshed.

Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Field Notes - How?
November 21, 2017, 04:58:41
The website says the th Field Notes Manager looks like this:

but my screen shows this:

is this correct?
Add-ons & Co-apps / Field Notes - How?
November 21, 2017, 03:43:44
I must be blind or something - I've tried for hours to create field notes. I can add a cicle and a line, I can add a photo. But it's not listed anywhere. I see the help file has a menu on the bottom of the FieldNotes Manager but my manager window is half size and I cannot get to the bottom menu button if it exists.
I've installed the add-on as well and all I get is the filter must be set. No way to add a note, no way to see notes.
There has to be a step by step somewhere?
Troubles & Questions / Dashboard
November 20, 2017, 00:40:33
How do I make my own dashboard come up by default and stay there permanently without having to turn it on all the time via several menu layers?
I've made my own but it appears to disappear every time navigation ends. Can I make it appear whenever I go into nav mode?
Troubles & Questions / Distance to target
November 20, 2017, 00:38:54
I have used GraphHopper for Navigation but the Distance to target is always weird. It keeps using e.g. an off-ramp totally unrelated to the route as the target distance. As soon as  pass it, it recalcs the distance to teh next unrealted street corner. The Navigation guide also show unrelated intersections and fails to advise on major freeway exits.
Is Map quest or any other service better? Best?