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just to be "complete", under "Geocaching tools" there are only these items:
Geocaching Live-
Load pocket queries/Log trackable,

Geocaching tools-
Draw circle/Line tools/Middle point/Projection/Load all waypoints/Cache radius limit.

But its working so doesnt matter anymore,

and I forgot to say - GREAT app, really like Locus!

thanks for response, Iam worry that there is no such option to work with filed notes. Under "Geocaching" menu theres only "Geocaching for locus", "Geocaching tools", and "Field notes" (which is not working).
No any more items related to Field notes, or exporting them.

Anyway, meanwhile I  made to work online upload directly through "Geocaching for Locus" addon by reinstall and reconnecting to account so now it works again.


running old version 353 of LocusPro on an android 2.3.6 device, everythings working nice,

but cant upload field notes, because of field notes addon is not working and can not install anymore (current field notes support only android 4 and higher), online upload not working as well (token error).

Is there ANY way to install earlier version of field notes addon, or to export field notes anyhow to, or to log geocaches manually?

I tried to edit gcFieldnotes.db from within data\config folder but cant find proper way to export.