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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :)
I'll try to reduce the logging time and I'll get in touch with the developer of GPSies.
It's interesting that GPSies does log every point, but chooses only to display selected points.
I guess this is to reduce the overhead on the server or similar.
I'll let you know what happens.
P.S. After ranting about Locus Map so much my wife and her cousin just bough it. Thanks for all your time spent developing and supporting such a great app  :)

I've tried logging short tracks and still at the end GPSies produces 3 simultaneous archived tracks.
I have Locus Map send my GPS location every 15 second and the GPSies live map shows my location as expected.
When I end live logging or GPSies times out due to logging being halted, 3 archived tracks are produced.
These 3 tracks will have the same route plotted, but will contain different logged points.
Is sending my GPS coordinates every 15 seconds causing the issue?
I'm now thinking that GPSies is receiving my GPS location every 15 seconds, but chooses to only show (on the live map) selected points as the plotting frequency always appears irregular with GPSies.
However it is logging all the points it receives (every 15 seconds) and these are made available through the 3 archives is produces.
If I combine the 3 archived files (exported as GPX) using RouteConverter I get a detailed track with points logged every 15 seconds... so it seems that GPSies is receiving my location every 15 seconds but chooses to only display selected points on the live map... but why produce 3 archives and not just one?

If I use live tracking using the GPSies Android app, when I complete the live tracking I end up with a single archived route.
If I use GPSies live tracking using Locus Map, when I complete the live tracking I end up with 3 archived routes?
The 3 archived routes follow exactly the same route, but appear to contain subtly different logged points?
It's almost like too many locations were uploaded for GPSies to plot, so it's created 3 parallel tracks whilst only displaying one on the live map for people to follow.
However when the logging is completed all the extraneous logged points (that weren't shown on the live tracking map) are made available through 2 additional files.
Anyone have any ideas what's going on and if this is normal if using Locus Maps with GPSies?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Using NMEA logs/tracks with Locus
« on: February 01, 2017, 13:47:30 »
Many thanks for your support this :)
I did read that post a few days back, but as it was 3 years old though it may have now been naturally resolved by now.
From another perspective, I delayed buying Locus for many years as I’d used the demo version and found it didn't support NMEA logs.
I eventually purchased the Pro version this Christmas because your special price offer was too good to miss :)
I’m glad I did as it’s a fantastic program (many thanks to the devs and Locus team), but I wonder how many more potential Locus Pro users move on to find something else that does support MNEA?
I'm still on the search for an android app that converts NMEA to GPX or KML e.g. something I can import into Locus.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Using NMEA logs/tracks with Locus
« on: January 31, 2017, 17:46:05 »
Many thanks for responding so quickly :)
It's a shame Locus can't work directly with NMEA logs (for me anyway) as reading them on the fly when I'm in the middle of nowhere would've been very useful.
As I’d already figured I couldn’t convert them in Locus I downloaded RouteConverter for Windows which did a great job of converting them to GPX files.
Unfortunate I couldn’t find an Android app to do the same, but will keep looking.
Is NMEA support something you’d consider adding to Locus?
I’ve looked into changing the GPS output format on the camera and logger but both can only output in NMEA :(
Many thanks :)

Troubles & Questions / Using NMEA logs/tracks with Locus
« on: January 31, 2017, 11:02:26 »
Hi Guys,
This is my first post here, so please be gentle with me ;)
I recently purchased Locus Maps Pro (absolutely loving it!) and predominately use it when I'm mooching around or snowboarding in the mountains of Slovakia  :)
I also have a GPS logger and digital camera that can only record their GPS logs/tracks in NMEA format.
I was surprised to find that Locus can't display or import this format :(
Is there a way around this issue?
Many thanks :)

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