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Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
June 01, 2011, 20:34:35
Translation to pt-BR (portuguese-Brasil) - login as jorgesomers
Hi Boss, kkkkk

Ok, I didnt know about those fonts..

In fact I'm starting with Android since last month when I got my new telephone form my local mobil operator.
I'm a software developer since my first apple II+ and never stoped to update my own firmware and I'd like to learn everything about developing systems for mobile devices. (send me in PM some links or tricks where i can find a good tutorial for starting with android development, something like Visual Web Developer where I can do everything and it autocompletes, with help etc.. and obviusly a database to work with! )

As you can see attached my screen pictures (btw how do you make printScreen with your cellphone ?) I took with my camera, everything looks good..

Below the section where I placed the tm moving..
I used the gravity RIGHT at textview in both cases and it didnt work.

Thanks in advanced
JOrge Somers - Sao Paulo - Brazil
skype - jorgesomers

<!-- tempo em movimento -->
         android:text="Tm Move"
      locus:textFont="crysta.ttf" />
         android:orientation="horizontal" >
         locus:textFont="crysta.ttf"   />

I need some EXTRA instructions..
HOW TO ALIGN RIGHT all numbers in red .. ?

Attached I'm donating to the comunity my bike layout called Somers Sml (no so small)

If someone can make both numbers in red align to the right side I'll be very glad !

Jorge Somers
Sao Paulo - Brazil !
You are zipping with full path...
Try this..
Open to folder simple Map
Select sub-folders assets,layout and the folders info.html and icon.png..
Right-click use option Zip (Im using zipgenius)
It will create a zip with 2 sub-folder and 2 files WITHOUT FULL PATH... !

Thats the problem!
btw YOU ARE NOT AN I... !!!
Very nice manual it worked.
your custom screens have little problem of graphics size and text size it doesnt look like pictures posted here..

Jorge Somers
Sao Paulo - Brazil