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GPS coordinates in the upper toolbar not shown correctly (at least in the Singapore area) after the update to 3.40, please see screenshot.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
July 01, 2016, 14:33:13
Every time I try to go to Locus Store, I get an error message:

Unknown Problem

Error code:11304

I am using 3.18.2 on Android 5.02

Hope somebody can help?!

Best Regards

Quote from: voldapet on April 27, 2016, 16:17:43
There is little bit improved version of Austria address DB. Please note that file contains only Wien because I can not generate whole Austria right now. Please feel free to test it:

Thanks Petr

No missing streets so far, thanks!
I just tried the latest 'osm.db' version (2016.04.01) from Austria. At least in the northeastern part of Vienna (21. District/Floridsdorf), the address search did not find many streets (e.g. Schenkendorfgasse, Andreas-Hofer-Stra├če, Mengergasse, Pilzgasse...), while a long tap on such a street shows its correct name.
Thanks for fast reply and of course the fix. Next time I will use the right board.
The changed buttons are in the right sort order, if I use the close button on my phone and start it again. But when I switch Locus in the background and swipe to the left or right, Locus will be closed too. In this case, the sort order is gone. I just tried it on 2 different phones, with the same result.

Using Locus 3.16.2 with Elevate theme on Android 5.1.1 all maps are on external SD card.

Changing the order of the buttons in top panel works only until I close the app. After a restart it has the old position.

That's what I did:
Settings -> Map - control & panels -> Set functions panels -> move maps button to the first position