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Thanx for comment  :D
You wrote ; " get the config to go with motoG8 power as well".
Question : I don't see any config file for Motorola, that config If I understand, can help us configure Gcam ?

@Zossebart, if this function "not optimized" is available for Locus v4, it'mean that Locus stearing this feature in android v10. Strange, but if it's true, we must wait for this version as final, not beta.
@Neoaliphant, I recharging my G8 average by 5 to 6 days. But as target I will be trekking by the 14h per day even in mountain summer. My old Samsung S4 almost is dead and i have must recharge them even 3x per a day. Now I'm prejudiced for to problem with recharging phones😀
I have yet question to You. What kind of gcam version You propose and from a safe source ?
I use it all the time and I will use always ;-)
Why do You ask me about it ?

BTW : I found Your probably post here : about gcam in Motorola. Did You installed gcam apk for G8 Power for foto camera ?
In my opinion G8 is better choice than G9.
I consciously chosen G8 (better display resolution).
Hi Henk van der Spek.

Thanks for answer.
Probably Motorola doesn't support this option to switch off as You wrote above.
Model G8 has 5000mAh battery and its enough for normal use, even with Locus app.
I will be must turn of Energy Saver before recording track, unfortunatelly.
The problem will be how to forget about it.
I bought European version in Poland.
Previously, I checked if G8 has a compass, but only information was that she has e-magnetometer.
Don't worry, G8 correctly and fine oriented with direction of the world.
I try set on the option in path :

setup -> apps & Notification  -> advanced-> special app access -> battery optimization ->all aps-> locus map ->don't optimize

but i have for Locus : battery optimization not available

For some other apps I can change on : don't optimize, but not for Locus

Anybody knows what it hapen with this ?
Hi Guys !

I would like to make a reference in link :
I bought a few days ago Motorola G8 Power, and when I have set on Energy Saver mode, Locus loses signal and stop recording track.
Motorola has Android v. 10, and I didn't find option for exlusion Locus app to switch off in Energy Saver.
Has anyone idea, how use Locus with Energy Saver turned on ?
Thanx @Neoaliphant for long answer and feedback.
Hi Menion,

I asked about compass in Motorola G8, can You help me on this topic?
Troubles & Questions / Has use Motorola G8 anyone ?
October 31, 2020, 12:33:52
Hello Everyone,

I need replace my old Phone on new one. I try on buy Motorola G8 Power for use with Locus Pro and I have major question about compass.
Opinion are divided, that compass (e-compas with magnetometr) is in use, but some forums writes, that isn't impelemented in G8.
I need for automatic orientation in Locus map and set up automatic direction.
Has anyone this model and can confirm that Locus can automatic oriented map for direction of world ?
Thanks for supporting ...

Regards, Paul

Troubles & Questions / Re: My own maps
April 06, 2016, 15:50:57
Problems was solved, I put coordinates only with Mampc2mapc without OziExplorer, then calibrate and export to Trekbuddy format. Now its, all OK. Sorry for dragging topic, on this time It's OK. Thanx  for Menion and next time ;-))
Troubles & Questions / Re: My own maps
April 06, 2016, 15:28:14
I have used in this case exactly, exported in mapc2mapc " write maps as Trekbuddy tile..." a then pack in 7zip to *.tar file. On beggining post I wrote tthis.
Troubles & Questions / Re: My own maps
April 06, 2016, 14:46:51
Can You recommend me program to export for Locus compatible map ?
Troubles & Questions / Re: My own maps
April 06, 2016, 13:20:04
The problem is the following. Map is calibrated, recorded track is visible but the whole is shifted  circa 200 meters towards North-East. When I load another recorded track on this map is the same problem... I see that map is shifted, but I'm sure that coordinates are correct (twice checked).

Look at, green line should be right but my map display recorded track on the red line  (whole is shifted towards North-East)...

Troubles & Questions / Re: My own maps
April 06, 2016, 11:55:32
Maybe resolved, I did't switch on right place 18,57,45 from W on E !!! ech.....probably its mistake, MenionI sugessted default set in OZI ;-)

Soory Menion, I must reupload nwe map with correct coordinates for new map !!! and tjen tell You if is good after operation !

Problem solved with letter "E" and "W", but now Menion I have moved all track on this calibrated map.  What's new problem, in Google Map are incorrect coordinates ?