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Quote from: ThomasD. on February 01, 2022, 18:05:17
Eine externe SD-Karte unter Android als internen Speicher einbinden bedeutet, daß beide Laufwerke zusammengefaßt werden und von der Dateiverwaltung her eins werden. Der interne Speicher vergrößert sich also um die Größe der SD-Karte.

Nachteil ist, daß diese SD-Karte dann nur diesem einen Handy funktioniert und nicht in das Nachfolgehandy übernommen werden kann. Und das die SD-Karte nicht mehr in einem Kartenleser unter Windows gelesen werden kann.
Danke für die Erklärung - aber was ist der Sinn dahinter, welchen Vorteil bietet es gegenüber zwei getrennten Speichern (interner und externer auf SD)?
Quote from: Holger on February 01, 2022, 17:00:40
Warum bindet Ihr Eure extSD denn nicht einfach als internen Speicher ein...?
was meinst du konkret damit, verstandlich auch für einen Nicht-IT Experten?
Yes, but it is very complicated and you have to know how to proceed and where to save what. Otherwise the vectorthemes are not accessible.
Not everyone spends days on it or is a software expert - so it is extremely complicated (see also oam-forum...).
The normal user does not get along with the current LM Pro version (in case oam maps and themes should be saved externally
... and for Locusmap Pro (3.51.+)?
No update? No bugfixing (OAM maps/ Vectorthemes/...)
Das Problem mit den OAM maps unter Android11 ist schon so eine Sache - die Karten können zwar extern abgelegt werden, die OAM Vectorthemes müssen intern abgespeichert werden, zudem sind die Pfade etwas irreführend in der app festzulegen.

Meine Vorgehensweise:
unter Android 11 / LocusMap Pro 3.56.5 mit OAM v5 Karten:

in der app unter Einstellungen zuweisen:
Hauptverzeichnis der app:

Unterverzeichnisse für mapsVector:
intern (d.h. storage/emulated/0/Android/data/


- extern auf der SD Karte abgelegte OAM v5 Karten sind aber dann dennoch externunter:
storage/1234-5678/Android/media/ bzw. /maps

- und die themes widerum im internen Ordner (!!):

- srtm Höhendaten extern unter:

(wo man will, kann man die broutersegments4 und POIs auf der externen SD Karte ablegen;
intern muss man unter data... die individuellen Cursors und dashboards abspeichern)


Speichert man die OAM Karten intern ab, läuft das ganze natürlich flüssiger und der Kartenaufbau ist deutlich schneller.
Ziemliches Durcheinander, was da nun durch die ganze Umstellung entstanden ist - ich kann nur hoffen, dass es nun so wenigstens zuverlässig funktioniert.
weeks ago I told you about the problem with the vector themes (for example Elevate) of Locus Pro under Android 11 - unfortunately nothing has happened yet, the problem still exists.
menion, so far you have always been helpful and have tried to solve problems with the app in the short term - in this case nothing has happened, why?

- themes were sent to you for checking, no reaction (I had sent you a PM with the link to the files)
- no update of Locus Pro, no solution regarding the storage location and the necessary path for the OAM themes.

Is this the "end" of Locus Pro?
No more support?
Are bugs no longer fixed?
What about the problem described?
unfortunately I did not receive a PM from you...

Locusmap Pro only works as far as the selection of themes is concerned, as I found out after hours of trying (see my earlier post/ reply#55).

The problem with the themes under Android 11 has not yet been solved, and there is still no option to select/individually define the private folder "custom selection" when assigning the subdirectories (settings).
maybe it is the same problem as with Locusmap Pro ( - themes saved on the external map cause the app to stop or crash.
A first "solution" I found was to save the themes internally, but leave the maps externally, but subdirectory for 'mapsVector' have to be set to App default setting/ internal directory (see link above).

Quote from: Menion on December 29, 2021, 20:00:34
So the maps in the "SD card/Android/media" are really noticeably faster than maps in the "SD card/Android/data/..."?? Unbelievable  :D. Will have to look at it closer.

I probably see your crash. Seems that one zipped theme is corrupted. May you please pack and share with me your "_themes" directory? Thanks.
In fact, as I have now discovered after several test runs, the map layout (when externally stored in the media folder) is not significantly faster than otherwise (stored in the data folder).
Only if the maps are stored internally, the maps assembly is very, very fast.

I think the OAM themes are OK, they were downloaded recently - and if both OAM maps and themes are in the internal memory, everything works fine.
(I have send to you via PN the link with the data because the attachement is larger than 2048KB...)

a rather complicated procedure results in the app not crashing when the vector themes are called up:

a) under Settings:
Set subdirectory for 'mapsVector' to "App default setting"; this means internal/directory in the main directory of the app!")

b)but OAM maps have to be stored on the external memory card in the media folder
(the "_themes" folder is empty!!)

c) !!! OAM themes (Elevate/Elements) are then stored internally (!) under

-> the themes can be called, selected and set without the app stopping or crashing.

It works like this, but it is very, very complicated, because different data is now distributed in different places - not very user-friendly. I also don't think that this is acceptable to many...

Why is it no longer possible to assign your own directory under "Settings-Miscellaneous-Standard directories-Specify your own subdirectories-Assign directory" (see screenshot)?
You can't change the path for the private folder on the SD card at all!

Thanks for your help!

I'm sorry, but even after the latest update to 3.56.5, the selection of themes (when stored on the external memory card) does not work - Locusmap Pro still stops or crashes!
It is also not a "rare crash when selecting vector map themes" - it happens to many users.

(also: private folders cannot be assigned differently yet - the private folder path cannot be changed anymore)
Quote from: bezel on December 29, 2021, 14:50:57
I have installed the themes directly from openadromaps (see screenshot).

When I click on "wait" ("warten") - nothing happens for a very long, long time, at some point I can set an option again, but then the app pauses again ("wait"/"warten") or crashes completely,
I have installed the themes directly from openadromaps (see screenshot).

When I click on "wait" ("warten") - nothing happens for a very long, long time, at some point I can set an option again, but then the app pauses again ("wait"/"warten") or crashes completely,
Quote from: balloni55 on December 29, 2021, 13:46:53
Quotethe 'themes' also moved there cannot be called.
theme is only available to select if stored in "data" path
Yes - I also put the themes in the data path - they are displayed, but then the old problem starts again:
the app crashes or stops (see screenshot).

A selection is not possible this way

Quote from: Menion on December 29, 2021, 13:54:18
Sure, this is how this feature is done. Content of the "media" directory is used similar to old "external maps". So independent directory where may be placed user-defined maps, nothing more.

The reason I wrote about this directory was to test the performance of the vector maps you complained about.
Thanks for the tip! Map construction (maps in the media folder) is now much faster.

The main and "old" problem with the themes (app crashes) still exists (see screenshot)...

I have tried moving the oam-map to the "media" directory on the external card - the card structure is slightly better, BUT:
the 'themes' also moved there cannot be called.

This is probably because the subdirectory is still set to the data folder
and not to the media folder
- problem is there, under:
Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Default directories -> Set own subdirectories -> Assign 'mapsVector/' directory,
it is not possible to change this private directory/ folder!
See screenshot.

The private folder path cannot be changed anymore, what might be the reason for this?

thank you for taking care of the problem with the themes (crashing or stopping the app)!
It can't be the SD card - before the Android11 and 3.56.4 update everything ran smoothly and quickly...

Thank you and the whole team if you can fix the bug!
For many users Locus is (was...) the most important (and so far...) best navigation app.