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It is the home button, but on the HTC Desire (Z) it is a soft button, so it is touched very easely .
Can you also lock the home and other buttons?
Looks great (even with animation :-)), thanks!!
Implemented / Auto off center map
August 12, 2011, 13:33:08
Hi, currently the functionality of the map center button is on or off. Is it possible to create a third state, auto off? That means that when I manually change the map the center button will automatically switch off, so the same functionality as the center button in Google maps. Thnx.
Troubles & Questions / Save Locus status
August 12, 2011, 13:28:58
Hi, my question is if it is possible that Locus saves the current status (collection of selected tracks and points (the ones shown on the map), center of map shown, maybe more) every few minutes (in stead of when closing the application).
The background: I often use Locus together with other applications, fi a weather application that tells me in how many minutes it will start to rain (if I'm correct Locus doesn't provide that 'yet'  :) ). I never stop Locus, but use the android 'alt+tab' functionality to switch between the apps. What I notice is that when I return to Locus she seems to restart/reinitialise, probably because it is pushed out of memory by Android, normal behaviour when you have multiple apps running like me and are low on memory. The problem is Locus does not return to the status (selected items, place on the map shown etc) that I had before I switched to the other application, but shows the status I had when I started Locus the first time. When I stop Locus, go to another app, and start Locus again, the status is correct, so I imagine that Locus only saves the status when exiting. I hope its clear. My current work around is to start recording the track, then Locus 'runs as a service' (sorry for the Windows terms) and is not pushed out of memory that fast.
Hi Menion, is it possible to change the unlock mechanism?
Maybe its possible to use a slide to unlock, or assign unlock to one of the hardware buttons (fi the back button).
Hi Menion, the current unlock mechanism is also triggered when the phone is stored, is it possible to change the unlock mechanism? thanks.
Cool Menion, thnx! (And try it, its really nice to always have the screen on during hiking :-))
EDIT: Just checked it in the latest release, looks great! I'll check if the unlock mechanism isn't triggered when I store the phone for a few minutes.
I did buy a new battery with twice the normal juice, so I can keep my screen on all day. When I walk I use GPS routes, so I need to look at the route every few minutes; normal procedure then is to push power, unlock phone, and check where I am. As this always takes some time and is bad for my power button I just keep the screen on all the time, currently using screen tool 2; screen tools is started as seperate app that only shows a small sign at the bottom of the screen and is transparent for the rest, so I can see Locus.
Hi, I love Locus and I hope it can get one more feature, the ability to lock the screen and hardware buttons, but with the screen on. The unlock procedure can be the same as the one for the default lock screen, so swipe from left to right or some other pattern, or maybe assign one hardware button for lock and unlock (after holding it x seconds, configurable).
When hiking and motor cycling I look at the screen often to check if I'm still on route etc, but the rest of the time I store my phone in one of my pockets. If I don't lock the screen and hardware buttons there is a risk the phone starts making calls or other things, and the only way to lock it currently ootb is turning off the screen. After some searching I found the app 'Screen Tools 2' which does the trick for me now (it locks the screen and most hardware buttons, to unlock I need to press the back button), but if Locus provides its own locking mechanism it would be even better.

To summarize, I would like functionality to lock the screen (input) and hardware buttons, enabling the functionality with pressing a button in the app or a hardware button, and unlocking / stopping the functionality by a long press on the software or hardware button, or a swipe or other pattern comparable with the current Android lockscreen unlock mechanisms.

On my former Windows Mobile phone I used an app Tracky which had 3 nice options:
1. send your location every x seconds to a central server where you could later find your tracks or let others follow you realtime (see, its comparable to google latitude but with track recording.
2. See where 'buddies' are (other Tracky users with an account)
3. Send buddies messages
I liked option 1 a lot, never used 2 and 3. If the request are not created in Locus, everyone that has flat fee internet can use latitude to let others know where you are, or if the sms option doesnt come to Locus, use Instamapper gps tracker to send your location to a central server like latitude, and have the app respond to special text messages with a text message with your location.
Hi, this is my first comment so I'll start by saying that Locus is really by far the best tracking/routing app I've seen and used. And now about this request, I would also like this when hiking or cycling, sometimes I create routes myself and they are not perfect, so sometimes I'm off route for a while but I get back to the route; in those cases I would like Locus to automatically select the nearest next point on the route. I used another very good app on my former phone, a windows mobile one, which was named Tracky (; this app by default selected the nearest next point on a track which I really liked.