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I actually played my own cartridge today with wheryougo on Android 2.1 (HTC Hero). I have two problems:

1. I talk to a virtual person/charakter. After that, I see "give". I want to give person an item (maybe money). I press "give" and then I see a message from this person like that "Thank you for givin me... blabla...". Now my problem: When I play my cartridge in Emulator (PC) and I press "give", I see a new menu, where I can choose my item "money". Then I will press "money" and than the message of the Person/charakter will be shown.
This is important for me. Because in your app the player will not see, WHAT he/she is giving the person/charakter. You know?
Can you help me?

2. I use many locations. So many, that I have to scroll on my Android (Hero). But the "scrolling" does not work. I can't select the location what is at the end of the side, because when I want to scroll there, it always jumps upwards...?? What can I do??

Thanks for your help!