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Other features / Re: MAP USAGE - TERMS OF USE
April 17, 2011, 21:49:15
Hi Menion,

first of all I would like to thank you for the great app Locus Free / Pro; I used the free version for some time and bought the paid version because the advertisements annoyed me, and also to support your great work. BUT: I really supposed that you checked before that you are allowed to use all these maps!!! Really, that is unforgivingly: the whole world talks about license-issues for music, videos, and MAPS, that's nothing new, isnt' it? And I also don't believe that all these maps-providers changed their licensing over night ... I know from your homepage that you are rather young in years and in this business, but let this debacle be a warning for the future: check such things first, and don't sell people something you aren't allowed to sell or don't own.
Nevertheless: I don't want my money back, altough I don't hope to get legally all the maps back. The app is very good but of much lesser use for me without especially without "Outdoor Active / Austria", Bing and Google.