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Tools / Re: Track editor (GPX)
June 17, 2012, 15:34:48
Big thx for adding track editor to Locus! I don't expecting this :)

And thx to all for offers!
Tools / Re: Track editor (GPX)
January 29, 2012, 09:51:53
Probably not the place, but by the way about the track list in Locus:
I think that the display mode when it shows title and description PLUS date+time, track distance and time from track inside information will be useful because after that we can use title and description field for its intended purpose..
Tools / Re: Track editor (GPX)
January 29, 2012, 09:33:39
Thank all for your participation!
Quote from: "menion"Unfortunately Locus still do not have "separate" function. What you need to do with exported tracks that any of web editors do not fit your needs?
Exactly, I found the Locus can remove points. But that's not enough for track big edit.
I think that the possibility of editing in Locus will be a solution.
Quote from: "zailor"Edit Tracks ?? - why and how ?
For example the Locus track recording was turned on all day and recorded a track of car, ski and walking. After that I want to split track by activity type and remove unnecessary points. I want to know elevation of precisely ski trip.
Quote from: "gynta"Is that your problem?
Yes, exactly. All of them trim track description or move it to another tag. And they trim track info, any from this:
For example after I export track from Locus to and immediately export from gobreadcrumbs to Locus through GPX format:
Locus have no info (in information window) in this fields:
Created, Max.speed, Average speed, Track time and Speed graph :(
I just want to edit a track, load back to Locus and see all the information that was previously..

Tracks additional information regarding I came to the conclusion that in spite of a common standard GPX, each editor has its own subformat..
Tools / Track editor (GPX)
January 20, 2012, 14:30:06
Hi everyone!

I tried many online services and offline programs for track separate/trim and other edit, but all they are partially removed information (<desc> and point's tags, such as <pdop>, <course> and <speed>) that provides Locus :(
At least saved tags <ele>, <time>, <speed>...

So which track editor you use?
POI's / Re: [ICONS] - custom category icons
December 28, 2011, 10:46:25
Quote from: "ormoru"MUST HAVE !!!
K dispozici je nádherná kolekce ikon včetně možnosti si připravit barevné odstíny a vzhled ...
Stažené sety jenom předhodíte Locusu.
This icons by categories:
Somewhere on another forum I found that if I place some offline map files in one directory Locus show this set as one map :idea:
If so I did not need this feature..
Why this is not described in FAQ or somewhere on this site?
I have the same problem if I make offline yandex map with mobac v1.9b2 in RMaps SQLite format. Big Planet Tracks format did not work with yandex maps..
OruxMaps works fine with that offline yandex map.
PS: Locus ver.1.5.1

I tried this method and it works!
6. so in last (third) tab, write "DELETE FROM info" (without ") which will remove one line in info table
7. then "INSERT INTO info (provider) VALUES ('80')" which add required provider into table. Rest of data will add Locus itself during initialization process