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Declined / Re: Some off-road wishes
April 15, 2011, 18:58:45
1. Ok :)
5. I see. (( Especially now the off-road part of your program will be in demand )).
6. I created 3 tracks ( *.klm ) in Google Earth and sent them on your e-mail. In Google Earth they have different colors, but in Locus they  missing their colors.  
(my device: Htc Incredible S, Android 2.2, Locus 1.4.3.)
Declined / Some off-road wishes
April 15, 2011, 08:34:18
Hi! (sorry for my English :) )
Excellent app!
Very  serious and  well done app, with user-friendly interface and good support!
Great thanks !

Some off-road wishes:

1. Please, don't remove the support of *.tar files. Because it's the simple method to load  self-made maps on Locus.
2. It's necessary to add at least one more step  for "Zoom Out". (When "The button of  blocking of new loading " is pushed,  only one step "Zoom Out" is available.) This is necessary  for the big self-made maps.    
3. This function will be in demand: New separate panel with two arrows (forward and back), which allows to immediately (one click) switch between two (or more) needed maps (selected before).
4. Great addition for off-road users: Separate panel with five (or six) different colours buttons (or preloaded icons) which provide you to put on the way points with ONE CLICK! (for example: "red mark" on dangerous part of  road! (Because no time to open any windows))
5. Yandex Satellite. High resolution satellite pictures  is available now on this site. Please fix the setting  in Locus.
6. Tracks import. Support of original colors with import will be nice.

Thank you.

Our  features: Full Off-road funs, excavation archeology.
Moscow, Russia