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Troubles & Questions / Re: OSMGo
« on: Today at 00:12:50 »
quite impressive!

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: Yesterday at 01:38:52 »
4.11.0 Quick Settings panel > long tap any button > tap Information > tap is ignored - see attached video. I noticed this problem because you can view I have two buttons: "Out of route - noti" with nearly identical icons, so wanted to recall the difference - maybe using the Information function - but it doesn't work for me. Am I missing something?

Troubles & Questions / Re: OSMGo
« on: Yesterday at 00:05:37 »
I tried to learn more about this app but the link in the Google Play store is broken.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Temperature sensor
« on: August 13, 2022, 00:34:54 »
The best I could find was an import from UK (1/2 way around the world) although no LCD - different model. Risk?

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: August 10, 2022, 08:40:50 »
Should be interesting to watch a visible horizontal accuracy. For this, already exists settings in the recording profile. Simply enable GPS in the skyplot screen and check visible accuracy.
@Menion - "horizontal accuracy" but exported GPX file contains <HDOP> so can <VDOP> also be obtained & exported? A simplistic algorithm of only rejecting initial fixed number of initial seconds or points also does not handle the more dynamic generalized scenario where GPS signal is unacceptable eg. inside a tunnel or inside a building. For example the attached screen cap is of a walk where I entered a building; I did disable track recording before entered the building and resumed after exiting the building, and the GPS screen "horz. accuracy" was ~15, but clearly vertical and horizontal accuracy required more time. Examining the GPX file around this time <hdop> went from 5 to 20..30, elevation went from ~40m to 1060m, and the position of 3 points was 1km wrong.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Temperature sensor
« on: August 10, 2022, 00:26:07 »
funny - for me in Australia - $US23.95 too but $US200 shipping; I'll wait for a while ;-)

The actual developer only has two current models for sale WS02 & WS08 on their website I wonder if these share the same protocol/ are compatible with LM.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: August 10, 2022, 00:19:09 »
99% stuck in notify center > hmm. Never noticed this. Anyway, all data are downloaded correctly so it is only a visual problem right?
@menion - correct, mainly a visual problem, although the user wastes time waiting for completion that doesn't occur, so frustration

Rare problems with elevation at the start of recording > I know I know. As I wrote somewhere, in the app exists a mechanism to prevent this problem, but seems not to be strong enough. There are options, so I'll look at it. Fortunately, editing & remove of few starting points is working and it is not a complicated task.
I would debate how rare. I can reproduce easily - if the user has auto track recording, and starts Locus immediately then when the device is started, the GPS can take indeterminant time to stabilize - sometimes a few seconds, but also minutes, so removing a few starting points is too simplistic. A more robust method could be enhancement of current HDOP threshold - wait until HDOP & VDOP both have sufficient accuracy?

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: August 05, 2022, 05:27:15 »
Also as mentioned in a few posts a few weeks ago - auto-start of track recording is problematic if the GPS vertical position is not yet accurate, for example when the GPS is first enabled. Attached is an even more dramatic example than the previous post. Unless you manually edit the track & delete a few initial points, the elevation chart is useless.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: August 05, 2022, 05:23:15 »
I reported this bug a long time ago - on a large map download the progress bar may get stuck @ "99% | 1 items remains". You can wait as long as you like but it never got to 100% complete until I closed the Notification Centre panel then opened it again. It probably only happens rarely.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 28, 2022, 09:53:51 »
@tapio - was watching your amazing YouTube videos. It all goes very quickly & it's hard to see what's happening & why. No captions. But all sorts of clever tricks I never knew were possible. Thanks.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 28, 2022, 02:18:46 »
eh 1500m jump, that is not nice  :). Well, the app already skips the first few locations to avoid these problems. But I also noticed almost everytime, that the first few points have a higher elevation than it should be. Oki, thanks for the push, I'll at least look it ...
@Menion et. al. it was quite interesting to read in topic/29047-force-full-gnss-measurements-setting-android-12-and-up-no-more-digging-into-the-android-system about the GPSTest app. Although my phone is getting old (Galaxy A520 2017, Android 8 ) I am still encouraged to see (attached) from GPSTest app there is a Vertical Dilution of Position (VDOP) which gives an indication of GPS vertical accuracy. So it should be possible to require a VDOP threshold before  track recording is enabled in the same way as existing settings - Track Recording > profile.x > Required GPS (horizontal) accuracy.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 28, 2022, 01:35:20 »
you probably find only 0.01% of users use Presets, so far bigger fish to fry; maybe there are analytics behind the scenes to justify development in certain areas

Andrew Why do you think so? I think Locus Presets needs. Without them I can not even imagine using locus.
@Žajdlík Josef - LM4 5M+ downloads, LM3 probably even more, but just a few regular beta users in this forum. I agree with you Presets are a great power-user feature but it would be interesting to see how many out of 10M+ Locus users are aware of & use this feature. I'm just trying to say with limited developer resources there are possibly more important areas to develop that would give more bang-for-your-buck for more users.

In this review of 6 best navigation apps for bicycle touring sadly IMHO Locus is not mentioned. I have experimented with all other 6 apps (long time ago) and settled on LM as the best. I would suggest every LM user who reads the review, adds a comment to promote LM and provide wider exposure.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.11.+ ( 07/2022 )
« on: July 27, 2022, 00:55:08 »
you probably find only 0.01% of users use Presets, so far bigger fish to fry; maybe there are analytics behind the scenes to justify development in certain areas

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.10.+ ( 06/2022 )
« on: July 26, 2022, 00:21:51 »
There is more options on how to improve Presets. I'm still playing in my mind with two
- remember state before applying preset and allow restoring the previous state (already used in the navigation!)
- change the whole concept that you will be always in one active! preset (profile) and will just switch between them

I'm just not sure if I want to spend quite a lot of time with the second option (that I like more) ...
@menion - although I am very happy with existing presets, I think the 2nd option is
  • conceptually easier to understand
  • so easier to document
  • less error prone > less upset users, less support
  • has inherent restore-previous-state mechanism
but agree with time involved.

conceptually Vertical Dilution of Precision (VDOP) is well described but after a bit of searching I couldn't find any method of obtaining within Android

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.10.+ ( 06/2022 )
« on: July 24, 2022, 09:55:26 »
I've had a few forum discussions about the initial inaccuracy of vertical elevation over the years i.e. before the phone has had sufficient time to stabilize the GPS (one from 2017). In the attached screen cap the real elevation should remain about 50m +/- 5m but clearly the track recording was started when the vertical accuracy was +/-1500m. Crazy & stupid. It appears the GPGGA NMEA "sentence" has a Horizontal Dilution of Precision field (HDOP) but no Vertical Dilution of Precision that could be used to avoid such silliness. Is there another way the device/ Android/ GPS/ Locus could calculate the accuracy of its vertical elevation & prevent recording until a certain threshold was (optionally) achieved? Sorry @menion, you may have already answered in 2017 but thought this particular chart was quite amusing ;-)

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