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Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.35.+ ( 7. 12. 2018 )
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:57:50 »
I think I reported problems with the automatic backup before, but it's still not ok:
I have several devices where backup is turned off, but it is still executed. It's always when I have Free and Pro installed together. One thing that seems to happen very often is that a backup is done after a phone restart even if turned off. I can't give much more info, unfortunately, as I rarely see the actual backup notification, I just see the backups piling up in their folder.
Also, the GUI is still buggy: The date shown ("Next update") is obviously the last "next date" before I turned of backups. Now when I open the dialog after that date, I can't press "Save" because of the old date, even if backups are turned off. The whole date widget should be deactivated then, I'd say...

Free chat / Best phones regarding GPS
« on: December 12, 2018, 11:11:26 »
I thought there was already a thread for this, but couldn't find it, definitely not recently, so I'll start a new one:
What phones you own have the best GPS quality (with Locus)?
I'm especially interested in experiences of people with several phones.
I personally have owned a bunch of Samsung Galaxys over the years - but surprisingly enough, my cheap Moto G5 has not only the best precision (although not necessarily better than the newer Samsungs), but combine that with the best battery performance by far! In flight mode, I can easily record for 6hrs and still have around 50% battery left. I'm actually not sad that my most expensive phone (Galaxy S9) is much worse in this regard, as I prefer to take another phone outdoors anyway, but it's still weird.
What are your experiences?

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33/3.34 ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: November 08, 2018, 06:45:21 »
Not sure if this is new:
On my tab, I got Pro and Beta installed. For both, I turned off Automatic Backups (aside: On the "Edit" dialog, it says "Next backup 10 May 2018", but that should be empty, if auto backups is off).
Still, everytime I boot the tab, both versions create a backup (complete with the "Backup in progress" notification).

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 23, 2018, 15:37:39 »
Understand, I'll look at it. We thought a while about some inner logic where only single notification will be visible with the most important information, but ... what is most important when navigation, track recording and live tracking are running at once? Best to allow enable/disable then separately over app settings, agree.
Yes, thx.
Just one additional comment: The thing about the "Guidance" notification, as you can see in the screenshot, is that it doesn't hold any information. It's obviously purely functional. It didn't try Navigation, perhaps that notification holds more information like the next change of direction; but guidance is kinda useless.
Anyway, it's necessary for Android, but if you put it in a different category, anybody can disable it if annoyed by it :)

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 19, 2018, 12:08:42 »
Ah finally understand.
Yes, what you see is the result of changes on Android 8. Track recording may be stopped independently on Navigation/guidance so I should rather stick with both notifications active at once, thanks for understanding.
Yes, understand - but can't you define different notification categories for them? That way, the user can hide the ones that are not needed. That shouldn't be a biggie?!

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 19, 2018, 08:16:00 »
what means "Guidance" notification? Maybe a screenshot + describe better what you hear. By "Track recording" notification you mean announcements from "Audio coach" right?
Sorry, nothing audio at all. Just talking about notifications in the notification area of Android.
Attached screenshot.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:55:40 »
I'm not sure how new this is, but when having a navigation running, I now get a "Guidance" notification, at least on Oreo. Which I assume is due to background running restrictions - so that's fine.
However, when also recording a track, there are now two notifications! I'm pretty sure, that for ensuring background running, one would be enough?!
Unfortunately, they both have the same category ("Ongoing notifications"), so I can't turn off the guidance notification without also hiding the recording notification (which I absolutely need).
So would it make sense to automatically hide the guidance not. when there is a recording running, or at least put them into different categories so the user can decide? (which however is only possible on Oreo, granted)

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.33.+ ( 26. 9. 2018 )
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:40:14 »
1. In presets, Orientation Lock option is not preserved if I generate a new preset. I have to tap the pencil icon, make the option available, and then the setting is copied from existing state.
I think that's a bigger (and not new) problem: A new preset only ever contains a fixed set of settings, as far as I can see. So for all settings not in there, you first have to select them in the Edit dialog.
My proposal:
1) Initially activate all possible settings
2) Make copying presets possible - that way you can boil your presets down to the settings you actually want to change. I know that you can manually copy a preset by copying the .lb file in data/presets and renaming it. Never tried it though, not sure if that works (naming could be a problem) - so an in-app solution would be better.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 19, 2018, 07:36:52 »
Hmm are you sure that result of re-calculation should be different? Just for sure...
Mode of manual recalculation = point priority?
Doesn't need to be different, but obviously nothing happened, because no "Working..." pop-up appeared. And it's a long route which (on that old phone) takes a few seconds to calculate, so it's not possible that suddenly it's there without delay.
Just for information: Should it already recalculate after I chose a different profile or only on additional click?
Edit: And yeah, point-priority

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 18, 2018, 17:59:59 »
issue with route planner ( ) will be fixed in next version.
Does that also affect the navigation mode? What I did:
  • Select a point, choose Navigate To
  • Do all the settings and start the navigation
  • Route is calculated, but I don't like it
  • I open the navigation quick settings (or whatever that dialog is called), long-press on Recalculate, choose another profile - nothing happens. Ok, extra (short) tap on Recalculate - nothing happens. Can't get the route to be recalculated...

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 13, 2018, 14:13:01 »
FWIW, I can activate presets by intent and manually in the UI with no problems/FCs.

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:30:42 »
3.31.1: Intent for preset change works perfectly! Finally I can 100% automate the start/stop of all my outdoor setups. Thx!

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 08, 2018, 17:27:28 »
don't know why, but I'm still unable to simulate your issue in track editor. Video record ? Thanks
Sent to

Versions / Re: [APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:54:21 »
- same icons, I know, just need from our graphics to find some free time on it :)
- docs for intents, agree .. fixed
- intent for presets is planned, I'll add it to priority tasks to next bigger version, no need for a task on help desk in this case, thanks.
Great, thx!

- and improved track edit screen: wrong wording. I mean page where you edit name/desc/activity for a track. There were changes how screen reacts on back/cancel actions.
Ok, get it. But have to ask again: Will you have a look at the back/forward button problem in editor I described? I have a vague memory we talked about this sometime ago, but you couldn't easily reproduce it?! Is that still the case? - Because for me, I can reproduce it with 100% certainty everytime when there are points close together. It's especially easy if you have a section where you came back along the same track.

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