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Yuppi! It's worknig like a charm now!

ps. I can do russian translation for Locus - just ask what i need to do for it.
Wishes!  ;)
ah ah, it looks like firstly you fixed yandex and next you fixed google, and then both fixes are absorbed each other  :D

EDIT: apply fixed fixed version to the download section!
Quote from: "menion"hmm you're correct, there is still some problem. When you choose first online Yandex, and then your offline map, all works for me. But when I select another online map and then offline, this not work anymore ...
yes, exactly what i said in the first post
and if you choose first online yandex, and then your offline google, it has error too, but 25km to south instead of north
yes I use
it does not work.
i changed value provider to 80, Locus successfully filled other values (like map center, etc) at start. but location error still exists when switching maps...
Quote from: "menion"and which error? on online maps or only on offline?

Online should be fixed!

Offline - there is description below new testing version
"For offline, Yandex maps have to be created with new locus version. Old will not work. "

Definitely, I had no problems with online maps at all.
I had problems with offline maps only/
So, as I understood, now I need to re-create offline maps?
#8 i not exists anymore, but i had downloaded
the error is still here - nothing changed
Thank you, good deal!  :)  Where I can download that test version?
Hello! There is a bug(?) which is exists in any releases till now.
It cause permanent location error ~25km to notrh (even if restart the application), if use OFFLINE yandex.maps after usage of any ONLINE maps except yandex.maps

How you can simulate it:
1) switch to online
3) exit application, then start it again
4) save offline map of your region using source
5) exit application, then start it again
6) switch to online
7) exit application, then start it again
8) switch to offline - Voila! - we have location error 25 km to north. The error is permanent, it exists even if restart the application.

To make location correct back, we need to do those steps:
1) switch to online
2) exit application, then start it again
3) switch to offline
now, we have correct location at offline, but offline became with error 25km to south  :o

ps. gps was always on and send my coordinates when i do all steps listed above - i don't know, maybe it matters.

Thanks for fix! :)
Under review / Re: Please add "traffic" layer
March 11, 2011, 15:07:10
i scanned tcp stream, and found something.
this is example of such URL for yandex.traffic: ... 1299850560
the result is .png file
but, so strange, this URL succesfully opens only couple times for me, next trying was failed with 404/not found  :?:

for google it's like this: ... y=639&z=11

cool?  ;)
Under review / Re: Please add "traffic" layer
March 11, 2011, 14:21:28
Yes, unfortunately sasplanet has only russian language at the website, i agree it's their mistake. And, again yes, this is only desktop PC application.
I understood, you need URL where to retrieve the images with that "traffic layers". Ehehe, it's a little complicated to detect, because sasplanet is not show URL where it takes the images  ;)
Anyway, i will try. My idea is to look whole tcp stream from that application to search required URL requests.
Under review / Re: Please add "traffic" layer
March 11, 2011, 13:58:24
I not sure I understood correctly, what you mean as "links to the images"? I took this screenshots using Sasplanet, just selecting different options.
Implemented / Re: speed dependent zoom
March 11, 2011, 13:27:19
very useful while driving
Under review / Re: Please add "traffic" layer
March 11, 2011, 13:20:59
Take a look, i done some screenshots too :) + google.traffic

google.satellite + google.traffic

google.traffic only