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Got the same problem yesterday!
Seems to be more reproducable when travelling with high speed and high zoom, so the map will have to "move" faster!

To run into the problem, switch multiple times from Home- to CustomScreen!
The error should occur after a few seconds on custom screen!

PS: with "Rotate Map" switched on, it seems much more reproducible
Quote from: "menion"aren't these two killing running services? check it because when they kill recording, notification will remain but record stops ...
No, JuiceDefender is capable of enabling/disabling e.g. wifi/radio/... but not gps!!
Tasker is able to kill apps, but it's not configured to do this!

This morning i did a background recording again!
Everything was fine.
Even a short gps lost was no problem.
Same here!
Tried to record a car-trip. After finishing it, i checked locus and it said that it detects an unfinished recording :( -> recording was stopped in the middle! No logs at this point of time.
GPS should be there as well!
Locus was in the background and screen was off.

I will check this in different environments...because i have some additional apps running.
Maybe there is some influence between them!
1. Select an Online Map to show!
2. Start a download of e.g. the current view and select some layers.
3. Abort the download after it has started!
4. Press Home-Button to go back to MapView

-> expected Result: last chosen OnlineMap and position is still shown
-> actual Result: "MapQuest - Portions"-Map is always shown
Hey that's great!
Third step sounds very good.  ;)
I would like to see more customization for custom screens!

Due to the fact, that i'm using Locus mainly in car and the autozoom is still not implemented  :roll: i need to zoom a lot.
My custom screen is showing all info i need, but for zooming i always need to go back to locus-homescreen..zoom zoom..and back again on my custom screen.

Is it possible to add tasks to the elements of custom screens?

For example:
      locus:task="wpt_next" <!-- when the element is touched/clicked, the next waypoint is selected -->
      locus:rotateImage="@drawable/marker" />

      locus:task="zoom_out"/>  <!-- when the element is touched/clicked, map is zoomed out -->[/color]

There are a lot of actions which could be triggered:
- start/pause/stop recording
- zooming
- switching customscreens (to switch to a predefined custom screen: locus:task="cs_chg_MaleSmurf")
- guide-controls
- gps on/off
- and so on...

I think this would improve the feature a lot!

Moah....i'm an idiot!

When unzipping via contextmenu in windows -> "Extract to folder <archiveName>" all contents of archive will be put in this folder!
After that i modified main.xml!
When finished, i selected this folder and created an archive of it! But the resulting structure is changed:
-> <archiveName>.zip/<archiveName>/layout/main.xml
must Be:  <archiveName>.zip/layout/main.xml

Implemented / Re: speed dependent zoom
May 23, 2011, 15:10:51
Up!  ;)
I think, the creation of own screens will be possible in future releases. Those sample's are just for an impression!

I tried it myself to create some custom screens, but nothing worked! Seems to be releated with zipping.
Because unpacking one of the samples and repacking it without any changes will corrupt it!
Locus is unable to find main.xml.

Anyway, when this is implemented, i will go for pro!
Implemented / Re: speed dependent zoom
March 21, 2011, 17:57:43
- Checkbox for activating/deactivating feature
- Editfield for Treshhold (prevents zoomtoggling..default 10kph ?!  :?: )

- Editfield Zoomlevel1
- Editfield Zoomlevel2
- Editfield Zoomlevel3
- Editfield Zoomlevel4
- Editfield Zoomlevel5

Optional/Nice too have:
Multislider with 4 Sliders to adjust speedlimit-value's

That means:
Speedlevel1 0 - (1)kph
Speedlevel2 (1) - (2)kph
Speedlevel3 (2) - (3)kph
Speedlevel4 (3) - (4)kph
Speedlevel5 (4) - 120kph


Behaviour with OnlineMaps:
- show zoom level according to current speed level
- if zoom is locked -> do nothing

Behaviour with offline maps:
This is a bit tricky:

1. if only one layer is available in OfflineMaps -> do nothing
2. if adjusted zoomlevel is not available, but adjusted zoomlevel +/-1 is available -> use zooming like with locked zoom (i hope this is understandable)
3. if user manually changes zoomlevel, go back to speed dependent zoom after X seconds
4. if zoom is locked -> do nothing

adjusted Levels:
0 - 30      Zoomlevel 25
30 - 60      Zoomlevel 24
60 -90      Zoomlevel 23
90 - 120           Zoomlevel 22
120 - *      Zoomlevel 21

Example Case1:
Available OfflineMapLayers: 26, 23, 21, 17
Current Speed: 0 - 30

- zoomlevel 25 is adjusted but not available
-> zoomlevel 26 is available and can be zoomed out to 25

Current Speed: 30 - 60
- zoomlevel 24 is adjusted but not available
-> zoomlevel 23 is available and can be zoomed to 24

Current Speed: 60 - 90
- zoomlevel 23 is available

Current Speed: 90 - 120
- zoomlevel 22 is adjusted but not available
-> decide what is better: zoom in layer 21 or zoom out layer 23

Example Case2:
Available OfflineMapLayers: 26, 25, 24
Current Speed: 60 - 90

- zoomlevel 23 is adjusted but not available
-> zoomlevel 24 is available and can be zoomed out to 23

Current Speed: 90 - 120
- zoomlevel 22 is adjusted but not available
- no layer available which equals 22 +/- 1, do nothing

and so on...
Implemented / Re: speed dependent zoom
March 20, 2011, 21:38:06

I just came back from a 4 hour car-trip! Locus did everthing very good! . But i had to adjust the zoom a hundred times...grrrrr
Thx! Workaround works fine!
Implemented / speed dependent zoom
March 10, 2011, 11:32:42
In car, i often need to adjust the zoom - especially in "guide" mode.
A speed dependent zoom would be very helpful to keep the overview. If using offline maps, the "best" layer should be used, if one is available.

For example.
0 - 30km/h -> Zoomlevel 25
30 - 60km/h -> Zoomlevel 24
Adjustable speed- and zoomlevels would be good!
An adjustable hysteresis to avoid zoom toggling would be nice too!

i'm new to Locus, just installed 0.9.27 today.
When importing a .gpx file, Locus suddenly crashes.
I've tried it with different tracks from; bug is reproducable.

<entry key="STACK_TRACE_KEY">java.util.FormatFlagsConversionMismatchException: Mismatched Convertor =s, Flags=  
   at java.util.Formatter$FormatToken.ensureOnlyMinus(
   at java.util.Formatter$Transformer.transformFromString(
   at java.util.Formatter$Transformer.transform(
   at java.util.Formatter.doFormat(
   at java.util.Formatter.format(
   at java.lang.String.format(
   at android.content.res.Resources.getString(
   at android.content.Context.getString(
   at android.widget.AdapterView.performItemClick(
   at android.widget.ListView.performItemClick(
   at android.widget.AbsListView$
   at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
   at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
   at android.os.Looper.loop(
   at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
   at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
   at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)